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Artist:Mary Wells
Label:  Allegiance
Catalogue:ALES 1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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AMary WellsMy GuyW. RobinsonWayne Henderson1.0  Rate
BMary WellsMy Guy (Instrumental)W. RobinsonWayne HendersonRate


Charlie Chalk
23rd Apr 2014
 Most definitely - the original's a classic.

Should have been left alone.

23rd Apr 2014
 OK. Guess I was wrong to assume the listed record was a 12" single. So I guess you'd rather stick with the original version?

Charlie Chalk
23rd Apr 2014
 This is definitely a 7" single - I have the misfortune to own a copy!

The only video clip I could find was for the 12" version of the song, hence the note.

23rd Apr 2014
 The 12" single is shown in the video underneath to have a different cat number from the seven above.

23rd Apr 2014
 Is this a 12:" single? If so I don't think it belongs here. Should this be moved to 45 worlds?

Charlie Chalk
23rd Apr 2014
 My Guy (12" version):

As BT says, not Mary's finest hour!

Billy Two
16th Jun 2012
 Appalling 80's remake.

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