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Record Details

Artist:The Police
Label:  A&M
Catalogue:AMS 7348
Date:21 Apr 1978
Chart Position:12
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Community:33 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe PoliceRoxanneStingThe Police9.0  Rate
BThe PolicePeanutsSting, CopelandThe Police6.7  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 720

Reissued with the same catalogue number and a different picture sleeve in April 1979 when it charted.


20th Apr 2012
 Hi 45weiger, Yes your spot on, it's a misprint, its only 2.52.....However ( after a sad hour with a stopwatch ) there is also a misprint on AMPP6001p it says 2.52 but is however 3.54 long which is the album version off Outlandos.

12th Apr 2012
 @welshbloke: Is the 3.54 only on the label? Or does it really play 3:54?

5th Apr 2012
 Hi, Just noticed that my ' Police ' ( without the THE ) version has a longer version of Peanuts, its 3.54 mins as opposed to the 2.52 min on the other versions. ????? Ironically both 12" versions have also got 2.52 min...

Paul Vinyl
2nd Feb 2012
Sorry not me.

2nd Feb 2012
 Hi Paul, Please look at Can't stand losing you and let me know if thats your name hand written on the 'B' side.........

29th Jan 2012
 'Police' is a rare label variation. 'The Police' is the more common copy.

welshbloke99 wrote: I have 2 copies both with 'Telephone cover', one reads 'The Police' and one as shown reads 'Police'.Both have the same matrix rounout is this the norm ?

23rd Jan 2012
 The version in the Six Pack reverted back to this 'telephone' sleeve, Paul (with allowances for the new cat #), see here.

With regards the matrix: since the original didn't sell in huge quantities, might its master/stampers have been dusted off and used for the reissues until they wore out? Just a thought. (I'm no Police expert).

Paul Vinyl
23rd Jan 2012
 Thanks for your help,
So the blue vinyl one I have is the 1978 Issue in this picture sleeve.Blue 1978

It's just that in my Data base I have written
(Reissue blue vinyl typed Matrix number) which I thought was the 1979 reissue and the 1978 has a written Matrix Number, if any of this makes sense.

23rd Jan 2012
 It was part of the six-pack that was released on blue vinyl:

23rd Jan 2012
 Haven't heard about a blue vinyl original, Paul. The shaped pic disc, 45RK09, originated on your side of the pond, rather than corresponding to this release.

23rd Jan 2012
 It was also issued as a shaped picture disc; it's hanging on the wall of a bar near my home called "Roxanne's".

Paul Vinyl
23rd Jan 2012
 Does anyone know if this april 1979 issue was released on Blue Vinyl?

27th Nov 2011
 I have 2 copies both with 'Telephone cover', one reads 'The Police' and one as shown reads 'Police'.Both have the same matrix rounout is this the norm ?

14th May 2011
 was the re-issue ever released on 12" single in the new pic sleeve ?

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