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Record Details

Artist:The Dickies
Label:  A&M
Catalogue:AMS 7403
Date:8 Dec 1978
Chart Position:47
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Community:49 Own
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AThe DickiesSilent NightTradJohn Hewlett7.0  Rate
BThe DickiesThe Sound Of SilencePaul SimonJohn Hewlett8.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 753

Black or white vinyl.


27th Nov 2015

28th Feb 2013
 Added scan of rear of sleeve without black cat #.

15th Oct 2012
 The front pic shows the parents of singer LG Phillips

Thin Yoghurt
2nd Jul 2012
 Hi klerkkant, my sleeve rear doesn't have the black number at the top right, otherwise it is identical.

1st Apr 2012
 A Side label variation added

Dr Doom
25th Dec 2008
 Commeth the day, commeth the 45.

This is one of my favourite christmas singles so I thought it should make an appearance on the opening page of the website on this special day.

As ever The Dickies release the power of their friendly chainsaw on two well loved standards. Always destroying the original but bringing it back to life in a friendly fashion.

Merry Xmas 45cats.

Roll on 2009 whence we shall be legion.

; )


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