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Record Details

Artist:The Police
Label:  A&M
Catalogue:AMS 7474
Date:28 Sep 1979
Chart Position:1
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Community:146 Own
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AThe PoliceMessage In A BottleStingThe Police, Nigel Gray8.5  Rate
BThe PoliceLandlordS. Copeland, StingThe Police, Nigel Gray7.3  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 793

Green or black vinyl.


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26th Mar 2016

Jake Smarm
26th Feb 2016
 I have two copies of this and one is much more transparent than the other - scan added with ruler behind both records. (demoted by moderator to the hidden photos)

17th Nov 2015
 This shorter single version has not appeared on CD, alas, and seems to have been consigned to history.

26th Sep 2015
 Dead wax: (Record scan 9) A side only "tone" ("Tony Bridge", Cutting Engineer at Chipping Norton Recording Studios).

The Toad
14th Oct 2014
 The narrow dinking perforations on the last pair of labels are unusual for an A&M product. A&M records were usually pressed by CBS at this time, and CBSes have wider perforations, when they are perforated. My copy has these narrow ones, and the style of the matrix number indicates that it is an EMI custom pressing - EMI (and RCA) dinks are comparatively narrow. ("Astonishing." - Editor, smothering a yawn.)

11th Aug 2014

Mikey Dread
10th Aug 2014
 @CHSP2619, it is a different press. It looks so lonely by itself, why not upload the matching 'B' side....

10th Aug 2014
 Quite happy for image to be removed if consensus is that it is unnecessary.

The Police
10th Aug 2014
 @CHSP 2619 Yes your image has a different dented label area around the spindle hole than the image of sladesounds. And probably a different cutnumber (A5/B6) although we don't know for sure. But I'm not sure if we should add images of all different label areas and/or cutnumbers if the rest of the record is the same?

7th Aug 2014
 Risking going OTT-added different pressing of green vinyl (A5/B6)

Mikey Dread
23rd Dec 2013
 At Hatfield Polytechnic (now the University of Hertfordshire) in Feb 1979, the band decided to drop a new, untested song on the crowd. The gig was recorded by the BBC, and was the band's first live TV appearance. It was a risky venue for demoing a new tune, but Message In A Bottle went on to become their first U.K #1.

Live in Hatfield

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