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Record Details

Artist:The Dickies
Label:  A&M
Catalogue:AMS 7504
Date:29 Feb 1980
Chart Position:57
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Community:35 Own
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AThe DickiesFan MailPhillips, Huffsteter, KaballeroRobin Godfrey Cable8.0  Rate
BThe Dickies(I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia ToyotaPhillips, Lee, WagonRobin Godfrey Cable6.7  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 813

Folded poster picture sleeve.

Red or black vinyl.


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27th Mar 2015
 Hello- I have been a fan here and will post a unusual version of this sleeve. It's blue and white mostly. Stay tuned. Cheers, tinneri

28th Jul 2014
 Good heavens .heres a whole thingy on how to play it

I needen't have listened

28th Jul 2014
 spockgsc it starts in G..goes to Bb then to C and then F

so start in the third fret...up to the sixth then eighth back to first..all in the F shape

Its not exactly rocket science this one

28th Jul 2014
 A-side replacement video

As far as guitar music goes, spock, I'd suggest searching Google for guitar tablature for this song.

28th Jul 2014
 Hi i'm just learning to play guitar and i love this song can anyone please post the chords or email them to me thanks

18th Feb 2014
 Uploaded photo of the two different red vinyl variations (transluscent red on the left and solid red on the right). They also have different labels. The legal text is above on the left and below on the right.

6th Sep 2013
  I take it the B side has no connection with Japan nor that big car company we all know?


Michael Earith
12th Aug 2013
 I take it the B side has no connection with Japan nor that big car company we all know?

2nd Apr 2012
 ....moved promo labels ahead of stocks, I seem to remember the band having some kind of controversy with their "weiner" logo, but A&M used it here (USA) on a couple of things...John (almost two years later and I still love the B-side)

2nd Apr 2012
 Promo labels added

19th Jul 2011
 Oh right, sorry, didn't see that extra comment...

19th Jul 2011
 A fabulous band in their A&M days - unfortunately their efforts since the mid-'90s have been reduced to apparently playing catch-up with bands not fit to clean The Dickies' boots (Simple Plan and suchlike). By the way, Zabadak, as far as I'm aware all copies had the poster sleeve.

19th Jul 2011
 Yeah, it's a belter, innit! :-)

19th Jul 2011
 A whole year later, and i still love the B-side!.......John

19th Jul 2011
 I have this in a poster sleeve...

15th Aug 2010
 Hi BEATLEJOHN. I like some New Wave stuff but not these. Just checked them out because of MonkeyHangers comments, not having heard them before, and decided to post the songs for others to hear.

14th Aug 2010
 Hey JPGR&B!
thanks for the Dickies (semi) vids...

...hey.... y'think our musical interests are similar...y'think..yuk.yuk..(bad American humor...I'll leave it at that)

14th Aug 2010


14th Aug 2010
 I absolutly totally love.....THE "B" SIDE....Tricia Toyota was a real person (Newscaster) in the States (in L.A. area), but she spelled her name "Tritia"...GREAT SONG!!!

11th Feb 2010
 This is one of my favourite singles from the New Wave era, great tune with a nice chord change..I went to see them at Redcar Coatham Bowl as this was out and they kicked off with it, great gig featuring 1000mph versions of some of their 100mph versions of other peoples songs!

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Australia - A&M - 1980

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