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Record Details

Artist:Hazel O'Connor
Label:  A&M
Catalogue:AMS 8131
Date:May 1981
Chart Position:8
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Community:68 Own, 1 Wants
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27th Dec 2014
 Added scan of a mispressed blank label on b-side

30th Dec 2010
 Espirit mentions this flexi as:
HAZEL O'CONNOR Front Cover Plus (Scarce 1981 UK tour programme plus The Megahype Interview red vinyl 7" flexidisc, FLEXIPROG-001)

30th Dec 2010
 Thanks O.B. A quick websearch to find out more details has turned up...nothing! Very intriguing.

Oakley Boys
30th Dec 2010
 Just uploaded the flexidisc but if it needs a separate listing then so be it. It's made by Lyntone like most UK flexidiscs and you can just make out the number LYN 10283.There is obviously Flexiprog 001 but I don't know what that refers to.

30th Dec 2010
 Never heard of this flexi, O.B. - it certainly wasn't in my copy of this single! Perhaps it came with a tour programme, or such like? Whatever, I'd love to see a scan, if poss.

BTW: 'Megahype' was the name of Hazel's band, though they were never credited separately on her records.

Oakley Boys
30th Dec 2010
 I've just gone to check the vinyl on my copy and out-popped a red flexi-disc 'Hazel O'Connor The Megahype Interview'. Did this come with the record or has it been added later on? If with the disc then I'll upload a scan.

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