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Record Details

Artist:The Adverts
Label:  Anchor
Catalogue:ANC 1043
Date:12 Aug 1977
Chart Position:18
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Community:114 Own, 2 Want
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AThe AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesT. V. SmithThe Adverts, Larry Wallis8.4  Rate
BThe AdvertsBored TeenagersT. V. SmithThe Adverts, Larry Wallis8.1  Rate


A release date of 16 Sep 1977 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 691


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6th Jun 2014
 Really great B side too:

TV Smith regularly plays both sides at his gigs still, and they still set the place on fire!

mickey rat
6th Jun 2014
 Loved the concept of this song at the time and bought the record. Wikipedia says that Gilmore's corneas actually were used as transplants so someone out there has/had 'em.

6th Jun 2014
 Just noticed that the sailor in the logo on the back has his eyes censored as well. But you probably knew that.

a p mac
28th Aug 2012
 i got 2 sleeves both the same, one with push out identical to sladesounds copy
the other with solid centre almost identical to copy uploaded by the judge
my copy hasn't got the writing above the sailors head will sort out scans later
push out centre has typeface matrix, solid centre has hand etched matrix

Billy Two
27th Aug 2012
 I've got both sleeve designs, one with the push-out centre (as per Sladesounds) and one solid centre (as per TheJudge). The solid centre is in the pink Gary sleeve, and the push-out in the white Gary.

a p mac
27th Aug 2012
 didn't realize there were 2 different solid centre's
Billy Two i think your sleeve is the less common of the 2
which variation disc came with that sleeve

1st Jun 2012

1st Jun 2012

18th Jul 2009
 The Adverts were brilliant, true punks and Gary Gilmore's eyes was one of the great punk songs, Gay Advert was so cool!
I went to a hotel in the west country and the guy who owned it was their manager, he retired burnt out!

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