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Label:  Albert Productions
Date:8 Dec 1975
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AAC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)Young, Young, ScottVanda, Young7.0  Rate
BAC/DCCan I Sit Next To You GirlYoung, YoungVanda, Young7.0  Rate


Label design the same as AP-11070, with solid centre. A-side has matrix number 7YAPA1257, B-side has matrix number 7YAPA1254. The version of "It's A Long Way To The Top" is about half a minute longer on the Australian issue, though still about half a minute shorter than the album version. The B-side of both issues is exactly the same as the album version.


19th Jul 2014
 Australian (Kent) Music Report (Top 100): Entry date 22 Dec 1975, Peak 9, Weeks 19. **

Adelaide Charts: Entry date 19 Dec 1975, Peak 10, Weeks 10.
Brisbane Charts: Entry date 20 Feb 1976, Peak 29, Weeks 5.
Melbourne Charts: Entry date 27 Dec 1975, Peak 5, Weeks 14.
Perth Charts: Entry date 9 Jan 1976, Peak 10, Weeks 18.
Sydney Charts: Entry date 26 Dec 1975, Peak 16, Weeks 13.

** Ranked the 80th biggest hit of 1976.

25th Jun 2012
 Two cracking tracks - I always thought "Can I Sit..." would do well as a rockabilly cover, e.g. by Shakin' Stevens...

25th Jun 2012
 Added label images.

25th Jun 2012
 Note: by "both issues", I was referring to this Australian issue and its UK equivalent on Atlantic K 10745. I once had both issues in my own singles collection. Alas, I sold them before the Internet existed so I am unable to provide pictures of the labels. The matrix numbers (7YAPA 1257 and 7YAPA1254) I just happen to remember because I have a remarkable memory for such things.

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