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Artist:The Guess Who
Label:  RCA Victor
Catalogue:APBO-0324 / DJB0-0324
Date:Jun 1974
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:45 Own
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AThe Guess WhoClap For The WolfmanCummings, Wallace, WinterJack Richardson8.0  Rate
BThe Guess WhoRoad FoodWallace, CummingsJack Richardson9.0  Rate


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2 hours ago

2 hours ago

9th Feb 2014
 I have a copy that looks like the Indianapolis issues but it has the ridges and it has the "0" in the run off that W.B. lbl mentioned is from Jacksonville, IL. So I guess there's no need to scan it but I didn't know if the info was helpful or not.

Radio Boogie
13th Dec 2013
 Hey, folks... I swear, I remember having pale yellow, RCA, double "A" side promos of this song at probably two or three radio stations I worked for in the 80's. It had the "A" side labeled "With Wolfman Jack" and "B" labelled "Without Wolfman Jack" on it. I know this because one station played the version without Wolfman, and I had to recart it after the cart failed.

I've been looking around the net and I haven't seen one at any of the suspect sites. But there was that particular variation sent to radio stations.

My own promo copy has Road Food on the flip.

I know Flash Cadillac's "Did you Boogie..." had the same deal on the promos, I might be confused (it was 30 years ago!) but I'd swear the Guess Who tune was like that.

17th May 2012
 I've re-added my A-side as 447672. I assume somebody replaced it first time around because of the blemish, without noticing the typographical differences. (As I wouldn't have were it not pointed out).

17th May 2012
 Re. the "Road Food" side: Take a look at {Images #447312 & 447482} which is the same scan (from Hollywood). Then take a look at {Image #312066} (from Indianapolis). The differences in layout in this case are most pronounced on the right side.

Orbiting Cat
17th May 2012
 Now is a good time to point out a little new feature: at the bottom of the page is a link called Image Data, click it and it shows all the images along with their number, credit, description etc. So you can see all the data without having to use the popup thing.

17th May 2012
 Tokenhippie, could you let us know what images you are referring to in your comment and what the differences are?

I have printed off label images 447482 447312 & 447319 in high res and for the life of me can not see any difference in credits/fonts/layout etc.

BTW - no need to shout :-)


17th May 2012

Orbiting Cat
17th May 2012
 A reminder to 45catters: the "image edit" feature is only to be used for editing the existing images. If you want to add a new image, then upload it as a new image. If you think an image needs removing, that use the "make correction" link to alert a moderator.

Dr Doom
17th May 2012
 I'm totally confused as to what is going on with this record's page!

17th May 2012
 How did that happen? The label 226709 that says I added it, isn't my record. Very similar, but the publishing info layout is different. I don't keep the scans - can scan again, maybe this evening.

17th May 2012
 Label variant {Image #447319} of the "Road Food" side is the Hollywood variant, and thus should come after {Image #226709} - or is that {Image #447271}? As for the orange version of the Indianapolis {Image #446557} (the number of which pertains to the later-issue light warm grey label version) - what became of that? (Paging 'Auto_Da_Fe' - you still have your original A side scan?)

There are fundamental differences between the Indianapolis and Hollywood versions of the label copy artwork:
- A side on one line on Indianapolis pressing, two lines on Hollywood pressing
- "STEREO" and catalogue number in same size as artist and titles on Indianapolis pressing, in a slightly smaller size on Hollywood pressing
- On part numbers (APB0-0324-A and -B), there is a hyphen between the 0324 and A / B on Indianapolis pressing, no such separating hyphen on Hollywood pressing
- Quotation marks slightly thinner on Hollywood pressing than on Indianapolis pressing
- Music publishing on six lines on both sides of Hollywood pressing, whereas on Indianapolis pressing it's on five lines on A side and six on B side

The Hollywood variant sides are as follows (with the Capitol contract pressing with 360 interlocking serrations indicated by an asterisk): {Images #226709, 445363*, 445409*, 447271, 447312 & 447319}; the Indianapolis variant sides are {Images #312066, 446557 & 228454}.

17th May 2012
 Now i've uploaded Road Food again please keep that one and delete one of the Clap for the wolfman labels.

17th May 2012
 What happened to my B side Road Food. Who snatched it away and why. Now i see why I put the A side on twice sorry my mistake

17th May 2012
 The newly added {Images #447271 & 447272} variant was from Hollywood (where, by chance, would the B side be - seems the A side is shown twice) - had the Rockaway, NJ plant still been in operation, doubtless this is the typesetting variant that would have been used.

14th May 2012
 You'll note the black ridges around the label

14th May 2012
 Label variants {Images #226709 & 312066 on orange label, Images #228452 & 228454 on light grey label) from Indianapolis, IN.
Label variant w/ 360 interlocking serrations {Images #445363 & 445409} bears typesetting from RCA's Hollywood, CA plant, but where would the contract Capitol pressing have come from - Jacksonville, IL (with the '0' symbol) or Winchester, VA (with what looked like a wineglass) or Los Angeles (with the six-sided asterisk)?

22nd Jul 2011
 Added alt. label design

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