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Record Details

Artist:John Denver
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:APBO 0295
Date:12 Jul 1974
Chart Position:1
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Community:44 Own
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AJohn DenverAnnie's SongDenverMilton Okun8.5  Rate
BJohn DenverCool An' Green An' ShadyDenver, HenryMilton OkunRate


A release date of 19 July 1974 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 534


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Mikey Dread
16th Aug 2014
 Annie's Song

Mikey Dread
15th Apr 2013
 Demo labels with release date, scans uploaded. This tune brings back memories for me of better times. Big thanks again to, Klepsie.

6th Dec 2012
 popular hit in many places; appeared in the U.S. chart on the first day of june 1974; reached #1 in USA and UK; #2 in Rhodesia; #5 in Australia; #10 in Holland; #11 in South Africa; #18 in New Zealand

2nd Sep 2012
 Cat# is APBO 0295 not APB0 0295

19th Jul 2011
 I actually prefer the B-side...

28th Jun 2011
 Hard to believe this was John Denver's only Top 40 single in the UK! It was one of several Number One hits in the US.

It seems hard to think of John Denver as a one-hit wonder, but as far as UK singles are concerned, he is. Of course, he has sold millions of albums, so I suppose that lifts him up above the one-hit wonder status.

The pressing shown above with the credit "Cherry Lane Music" is, I reckon, a later one (possibly corresponding with a US re-issue I remember seeing somewhere with the number PB 10472). The credit "ATV Music" appears on most copies, including the solid-centred pressing which I bought.

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