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Record Details

Artist:Mary Hopkins
Label:  Apple
Catalogue:APPLE 2
Date:31 Aug 1968
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:52 Own, 4 Want
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AMary HopkinsThose Were The DaysRaskinPaul McCartneyRichard Hewson9.8  Rate
BMary HopkinsTurn Turn TurnRaskinPaul McCartney9.0  Rate


Melody Maker review Sep 7, 1968.
Mary Hopkin miscredited as Mary Hopkins.

The run out groove has 1002A-1 on the A side and 1002B-1 on the B side, both with a line through, suggesting that this 45 was originally going to have a Cat# of APPLE 1002.

The b side was written by Seeger not Raskin as shown on the label.


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4th May 2016
 Aren't we supposed to create entries the way the information is shown on the labels? These labels have Ms. Hopkin's surname spelled incorrectly and therefore should be listed separately.

Totallyvinyl: If you look at the discographies of the artists you mentioned, you'll find that the variations in the spelling of the artist's names are linked. The artists are all together.

Bowie is linked toDavid Bowie
Sweet is linked to The Sweet
Emerson Lake And Palmer is linked to Emerson, Lake And Palmer
Mary Hopkins is linked to Mary Hopkin

All the main discographies (listed second) contain discs with the alternate spelling of the group name.

Also, do you ever use alternate search methods to find a disc other than the artist name, such as searching by the CAT. number? This entry is not ridiculous.

4th May 2016
 We have added quite a few items to this excellent site but the logic of its arrangement and listings are a COMPLETE MYSTERY.
Why this has 2 entries over a mis-print is inexplicable. Try to be consistent chaps.
There are so many examples we have lost track
Sweet and The Sweet David Bowie and Bowie, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Emerson Lake and Palmer
They are the SAME GROUP/SINGER so why not put them all together ???
No sense in this and very frustrating when checking to see if a disc is on your site only to find that because it doesn't have a , it has a separate group listing.
Waste a LOT OF TIME chasing entries around and checking if you have it and frankly can't be bothered when we have so many items to list ourselves.
Try and tidy the site up and get rid of ridiculous entries like this. If you start allowing this kind of entry then you open up the floodgates for separate entries for every damn thing that has a foible in its presentation !

14th Dec 2013
 Because rightly or wrongly, there are more collectors who obsess about tiny variants like this on the Apple label than there are with Atlantic. (Although if you click the artist name on 2091 131 you'll note that it's been referenced and tied into the main discography)

14th Dec 2013
 "On a pedantic note, this is a mislabelling rather than a mispress as the songs are correct on both sides."

It's not even a mislabelling, it's a misprint......one extra letter S in the surname.
The rest of the typography I am assuming is all correct, so why all the fuss.

I find it odd that this record is singled out for a complete separate entry, over one letter, when I commented on a similar error on 2091 131 with an extra letter E in the surname, Davies not Davis.
No separate entry for that. (although I doubt it got reprinted with the correct surname)

Seek and thou shall find many others, do they all get separate entries?

Ade Macrow
14th Dec 2013
 On a pedantic note, this is a mislabelling rather than a mispress as the songs are correct on both sides.

I'll fetch me coat......

Charlie Chalk
13th Dec 2013
 @ paulberry - images removes as requested.

Interestingly, 40 members apprear to own this mis-press!

13th Dec 2013
 Whoops, didn't spot that. I know I am fairly new to this but still can't believe I didn't see the difference. Hopefully the mods can remove the scans.

Oakley Boys
11th Dec 2013
 Unfortunately Paul this issue is ;HopkinS' whereas the more common issue is 'Hopkin'

Mary Hopkin

11th Dec 2013
 Added both sides with dinked labels and "Sold in the UK" text.
Very dark labels which were difficult to scan.

6th Sep 2013
 No worries -- deleted as requested.

Focus B
6th Sep 2013
 Uploaded the Philips pressing in error to this page. Please delete them seeing this is spelt "Hopkin" and not Hopkins. My apologies.

Mikey Dread
16th Jun 2013
 A interesting 45 came up on eBay a few months back. A factory fault incorrect label on 'Mary Hopkins - Those Were The Days'. It had 'The Beatles - Hey Jude' Apple label on side 'A' instead of 'Those Were The Days'.

20th Mar 2013
 Its a nice idea to say Pete Seeger wrote the b side but in truth its a quotation from The Bible put to music !

8th Feb 2013
 Sheet music uploaded

8th Oct 2012
 Recent scans sourced from www.applerecords.nl

4th Oct 2012
 Later pressing with push out centre, image uploaded. B side with Hopkin credit.

9th Mar 2012
 Robo, just checked out your You Tube channel.. Some great stuff there.

9th Mar 2012
 Cheers Klepsie, we all make mistakes, even the typesetter at the Labelling Plant. Beside's one of these videos is linked from my Youtube Channel.

8th Mar 2012
 Hate to say it Roboleyton, but you've uploaded these to the entry with the "Mary Hopkins" credit rather than the one with "Mary Hopkin"...

8th Mar 2012
 Three new uploads for 'Those Were The Days', including the 1962 error.

3rd Feb 2011

3rd Feb 2011

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