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Label:  Tao
Date:Jul 1978
Title:A Game For All The Family
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A1BlackmailStar WarsHarryRate
B1BlackmailYou're Turn OffBannonRate
B2BlackmailA.T.N. (The Amazing Technicolour Nitemare)HarryRate


23rd May 2012
 For any 1976-1979 UK new wave single I'd wholeheartedly recommend taking a squizz at the ol' '45 Revolutions' book. There WILL be things we missed... but not much. For instance, below is the Blackmail entry:

1- STAR WARS (D. Harry)
2- FIDO (D. Harry) //
3- YOU’RE A TURNOFF (M. Bannon)
4- ATN (D. Harry)
07/78- Tao Prod. AR-7021S postersleeve - 7”
Note: the sleeve exists in thick or thin paper a few different colours (at least four):
1) yellow paper; 2) blue paper; 3) green paper; 4) white paper

One of the few Lancaster bands to have released an independent record in the second half of the ’70s (along with China Street and Anniversary, see listings), Blackmail began playing together in 1977. A five-piece formed by University students David Harry (gtr), Mike Bannon (b/v), Steve Parks (k), Paul Goose (d) and Steve McGloin (sax/v), Blackmail recorded this EP in May 1978 at Amazon Studios with Frazer Henry as sound engineer. The 7”, pressed in July on the band’s own label Tao Productions in an edition of 1,000 copies all housed in nice folded picture covers, features four cuts with Progressive and Jazz Rock influences a la Camel. It would be Blackmail’s only release as in summer 1978 Parks and Goose quit and the band broke up before the end of the year, after playing for a few months with the help of Dusty Hall, formerly of China Street (see listing).

“Uninteresting stuff”
Dave Fudger, Sounds, Jul 29
“To my ears it’s a great disc, well produced, with a very clever sleeve”
Trev Faull, Outlet, issue 6

23rd May 2012
 Very rare and obscure. It's dedicated to the "Yippie Movement" and a strange blend of New Wave and Hippe Sound.

quote Robert Lyons:
Seemingly a one-off DIY label: Blackmail's 'A Game For All The Family' EP (AR-7021; 1978) is the only record that I have been able to trace on Tao Productions, anyway. The catalogue number is one of a series used by custom recording concern Amazon Studios, of Kirkby, Liverpool. According to Steve Hill, who kindly drew the label to my attention and supplied the scan, the music on the EP is an oddball mix


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