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Artist:Dwight Twilley Band
Label:  Arista / Shelter
Catalogue:AS 0299
Date:Dec 1977
Format:Promo Only 7"
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:2 Own
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ADwight Twilley BandTrying To Find My Baby [Mono]Dwight TwilleyDwight Twilley, OisterRate
BDwight Twilley BandTrying To Find My Baby [Stereo]Dwight TwilleyDwight Twilley, OisterRate


Released under license from Shelter Records.


26th Apr 2014
 Added alternate promotional label variant with the Shelter logo at the 3 o'clock position.

29th Jul 2011
 The catalog numbers of the singles I have all begin with "AS" so I assume they are Arista series numbers (the same records were released on Shelter in the UK and other countries). The "Twilley Don't Mind" single has no reference to Shelter on the label itself but does have the Shelter logo and citation on the back of the picture sleeve in very fine print. All of the other singles do contain the Shelter logo and a licensing reference on the label. It's similar to the Mary McCreary "Evil Woman" single that features a Shelter logo on an MCA label.

29th Jul 2011
 If it's a black printed "overprint", I'd usually consider the Shelter logo a "Watermark" ....I'm wondering how Billboard classified this? (Davie Gordon?)...None of Twilley's singles charted while he was with Arista (and are all the catalogue numbers straight Arista series numbers?)....I'm curious how this will turn out, myself.....John

29th Jul 2011
 I entered this under Arista (US) but wonder if a "Arista/Shelter" category should be created. Several DTB singles were licensed to Arista for distribution in the US and most feature the Shelter logo/reference. I have more to upload but will wait for other opinions.

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