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Artist:[no artist listed]
Label:  Avenue
Catalogue:AVE 97
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Community:11 Own, 1 Wants
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A1[no artist listed]Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)Hadaway, Garrett, Wonder6.0  Rate
A2[no artist listed]Lady D'ArbanvilleStevens8.0  Rate
A3[no artist listed]Big Yellow TaxiMitchell8.0  Rate
B1[no artist listed]I'll Say Forever My LoveDean, Weatherspoon, Bowden10.0  Rate
B2[no artist listed]RainbowCampbell, McAleese10.0  Rate
B3[no artist listed]Natural SinnerFairweather-Lowe8.0  Rate


6-track EP in diecut sleeve.


10th Aug 2014
 I remember going to an Easter fun fair in Wanstead, East London, in 1980, and on one of the stalls, you had to draw a lucky number for 30p a go. If you didn't draw the lucky number, you got "a free record if you lose". The one that seemed to be mostly given out that day was "Who's Gonna Love Me" by The Imperials on Power Exchange, but when I looked into the stall, I do recall seeing piles of what appeared to be ex-shop stock Avenue EPs in the sleeves like the one above.

Given that two unplayed Elton EPs went for £99 and £118 two years ago (the one pictured here and AVE 94), who knows what gems were amongst those Avenue EPs at the fair?? The mind boggles.

I've read somewhere that Avenue Records were exclusive to Tesco supermarkets, in the same way that Hallmark and Embassy were exclusive to Woolworth's. Maybe Artistry or someone can confirm that?

10th Aug 2014
 Sleeve of that one says "Musical direction: Alan Caddy"...

10th Aug 2014
 This was inside my first record player when I was given it as a pressie by my parents. Is it AC?

9th Aug 2014
 Alan Caddy and his boys certainly recorded for Avenue, and I think they did a lot of the cover version EPs from AVE 98.

It is also assumed that Clive Allan, who was credited with his orchestra on the Avenue / Disc-A-Fran EPs during 1967 and 1968, is a pseudonym for Alan Caddy.

9th Aug 2014
 I thought they were usually done by former Tornado Alan Caddy & his orch...

9th Aug 2014
 Very similar, Record Dragon. Though I think the Hit recordings were much more polished, and not as dilute as many UK budget covers.

9th Aug 2014
 So similar to the Hit label in the USA?

9th Aug 2014
 Yes. Avenue was one of the many British budget labels of the late 60s / early 70s specialising in LPs and EPs of cover versions of big hits of the time. They were probably aimed more at teenagers who didn't have a great deal of cash in their pocket, so 25p bought them six soundalike tracks by usually uncredited artists.

If you can think of budget cover versions that came out in the USA on labels like Bell, Tops and Six Top Hits etc, then that's what Avenue was more or less all about.

Unlike other UK budget labels of the time, Avenue had some future big names amongst its session musicians - as stated, Elton John, David Byron (of Uriah Heep), and Dana Gillespie. There are probably more who haven't yet been uncovered.

9th Aug 2014
 So these tracks are cover knockoff versions?

9th Aug 2014
 As well as Elton John, the other two artists are Dana Gillespie (Big Yellow Taxi), and the late David Byron (Lady D'Arbanville, Rainbow). Sessionist Danny Street sings lead vocal on "I'll Say Forever My Love".

3rd Apr 2012
 I have just found the studio multi track master tape of this session plus others, with such an array of artists on this session I am thinking about making a new stereo mix of these tracks. Should ruffle a few feathers with someone but it will be a great variation on a much talked about recording.

18th Mar 2012
 David Bowie does not figure in this listing,I see this disc is on Ebay at £99.

15th Jan 2012
 We're not falling for the David Bowie rumours still.are we???

Oakley Boys
15th Jan 2012
 So who are the other two?

23rd Dec 2010
 Elton John contributes on:

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)"– EJ lead vocals/piano
"Lady D'Arbanville"– EJ background vocals
"I'll Say Forever My Love"– EJ background vocals/piano?
"Rainbow'– EJ background vocals
"Natural Sinner"– EJ lead vocals/piano

11th Dec 2010
 Elton John

Col Wolfe
11th Dec 2010
 Keith Harris, Cuddles and Orville?

11th Dec 2010
 3 very well known singers on this disc two went on to be very big artists and one went on to be a SUPERSTAR

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