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Record Details

Artist:Neil Diamond
Label:  Bang
Date:Jan 1970
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Community:36 Own
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BB Jan 17, 1970

Monarch delta numbers: Δ79391 & Δ79349 respectively


15th Aug 2014
 A-side version on this single


10th Aug 2014
 It would appear whoever pressed {Images #779053 & 779055} did not have on hand the Bang label blanks on which to overprint the label copy, so they just used yellow-colored paper. It is more legit if in comparison to those copies with the logo in all black with no white or red, over a yellow background, and the type super-blurry and overexposed.

10th Aug 2014
 Image 779053 is a legit pressing?

29th Nov 2013
 I own both label variations of this record. I have a copy on the label with Bang in plain black print.

29th Mar 2013
 Maybe it was a rush release and Bang ran out of printed labels?

29th Mar 2013
 Added a somewhat peculiar variant on the right colour label, but with the label name in plain type rather than inside the familiar "gun" logo. Anyone seen one like this before? A quick glance through the Bang discography here didn't reveal any similar pressings. I bought it cheap off Ebay where the seller described it as "the original New York pressing (not nationwide)" but I don't know how much credence I can place in that.

15th Oct 2012
 added label variants

9th Aug 2012
 This is not the original 1968 recording simply re-released by Bang Records after Neil had found success on Uni. Bang released this version of "Shilo" as a single two years after it's initial release, with a new backing track recorded to make it sound fresher and more like Diamond's current (1970) style. Following this, Diamond reissued his 1968 debut album with Uni, 'Velvet Gloves and Spit', in October 1970, to include a completely new recording of "Shilo." I personally like the original recording better than the remix OR the re-recording.

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