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Artist:Marc Bolan
Label:  Baktabak
Catalogue:BAKPAK 1006
Format:Interview Disc
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own
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AMarc BolanA Rare Interview With Marc Bolan Part 1 Side A6.0  Rate
BMarc BolanA Rare Interview With Marc Bolan Part 1 Side B6.0  Rate


Four picture set of interviews from America in 1972 presented in a clear plastic wall hanger arrangement.


23rd Jun 2014
 If you listen carefully to the 7" singles and the 10" album of the same interview there are a couple of segments on the 7" singles that arent on the 10" album.

Ade Macrow
17th Apr 2014
 Thank you, TS. You are indeed a 'Precious Star' (and probably wearing a Thunderbolt Suit, too). Be that as it may, these scans are much appreciated!

17th Apr 2014
 Especially for Ade Macrow at his request - the missing scans of records 2 to 4 inclusive, together with a pic of how the display pack actually looks with the records in situ. The B sides on all discs are all the same as the B side already shown.
I think, with the greatest of respect to harry1958, the extra picture he posted here does not relate to this release at all as far as the records or the display sleeve goes (and apologies for the crappy quality of those pics - they're included here for illustrative purposes only), though it is a great picture of course (and obviously from the same photo shoot as the pic on disc 1 of this release.

14th Mar 2013
 the NME singles chart book from 1993-94 has on page 243 another picture like on the disc with crown and sceptre i take its from the same photo shoot.Mods feel free to remove if unsuitable.

Ade Macrow
13th Feb 2013
 Any chance of the other three pics, Gary? Pretty please? Oh, go on...

6th Jul 2011
 Very poor quality issue (sadly). The four discs come with a different pic on each A side, but the same pic on every B side. How unimaginative and sloppy is that? The wallhanger comes with a badly printer flyer at the top (which is too big for me to scan), that states "A Rare Interview with Mark Bolan : America 1972" on it (note incorrect spelling of Marc's name) but with no other information on it at all. In fact the interview in question had already been available for ages by the time this collection was issued (I think in 1986 - but again, details on the precise issue date remain unclear. I bought if for GBP9.99 from Virgin Records in 1988).

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