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Artist:Zalman Yanovsky (Zally)
Label:  Buddah
Catalogue:BDA 12
Date:Sep 1967
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Community:14 Own, 1 Wants
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AZalman Yanovsky (Zally)As Long As You're HereGarry Bonner, Alan GordonJack NitzscheJack Nitzsche6.0  Rate
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BB Sep 23, 1967


Number: 186244  (Main Image)
Description: sleeverear

Number: 186243 
Description: sleevefront

Number: 1130255 
Uploaded By: TheDA1
Description: A-side promo

Number: 1130256 
Uploaded By: TheDA1
Description: B-side promo

Number: 155104 
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: A Side Label

Number: 155105 
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: B Side Label

Number: 186246 
Description: A red

Number: 186247 
Description: B red

Number: 187021 
Uploaded By: davie gordon
Description: A

Number: 187022 
Uploaded By: davie gordon
Description: B

Number: 1356729 
Uploaded By: LaurenceD
Description: alt A side

Number: 1356730 
Uploaded By: LaurenceD
Description: alt B side

18th May 2012
 In addition, they had certain blanks in different colors. The red as used by Columbia varied from Pantone 185 to 192 (they also had a color called "tomato red" which was on 1959-62 Columbia labels as well as some labels of the 1963-64 period with the five different colors they had); the green (designated "leaf green" on their label sheets with that color) looked a lot like Pantone 354; the yellow that was for years used for Epic labels appears to be Pantone 109 (albeit with a matte finish rather than coated, which gave the color quality and texture a different look than the glossy finish); they had an orange blank (Pantone 151?) that was from late 1964 to early 1968 used for Warner Bros. 45's; there was a dark maroon blank (Pantone 222) that was used for some clients, including a small label that recorded this deep soul cult classic; they of course had black (evidently the process black from CMYK) that was used with silver print for some 45's; and on and on. My favorite of the color blanks was what can be seen on such labels as this - it was called "blue" on the label sheets with that color, `but looked like a shade of turquoise. And may have veered anywhere (from period to period) from Pantone 324 to Pantone 318, to Pantone 325 as on this single.

18th May 2012
 I have a green label issue with the Pitman layout as on the red - alas, the labels popped out a la pre-1967 Shelley pressings (where an indented "X" on the deadwax marked the spot). The green label currently on here, though {Images #155104 & 155105}, was from Columbia's Santa Maria, CA plant.

18th May 2012
 W.B.lbl...my "red labels" look suspiciously like red Columbia blanks! (typefont is Columbia)....John

22nd Apr 2011
 Added sleeve and alternate "Red" labels...have also seen this on Peachy/splash label........John

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