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Artist:Five Stairsteps And Cubie
Label:  Buddah
Date:Jan 1968
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:7 Own, 2 Want
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AFive Stairsteps And CubieA Million To OnePhil MedleyClarence Burke Jr.Rate
BFive Stairsteps And CubieYou Make Me So MadC. Burke Jr., C. Burke Sr., E. AllanClarence Burke Jr.Rate


A side: featuring Kenneth
B side: featuring James III


17th Sep 2015
 OK... I just got a "mod edit" that moved my promotional records to another entry ( BDA-26) but the picture sleeve wasn't moved to that entry. I purchased this picture sleeve with the BUD 5050 record on the flip... is there a way to get the picture sleeve moved (added) to that entry? Did any person that "Owns" this record buy the sleeve with the BUD 5051 record in the sleeve? Hmm...?

17th Sep 2015
 Nice version of the Jimmy Charles track.

17th Sep 2015
 Added (my) promo record label scans

The "B" Track promo record titles are different on the one I own. It looks like this might have been the first release, since the BUD # 5050 (mine) probably pre-dates the BUD #5051 (BEATLEJOHN's submission.)

How many of the five other owners have 5050 and how many have 5051 on the flip? Hmm...?

[mod edit - scans moved to BDA-26]

8th Jan 2014

B Side: You Make Me So Mad - this is one cool soul 45, even earlybird would approve of!

8th Jan 2014

A Side: A Million To One - this is a real nice late 60s soul number written by p medley!

8th Jan 2014
 Great job! Hope you don't mind my comments regarding these discreps. Just noticing them as I start to inventory my collection here...LOVE this site!

7th Jan 2014
 Moved Kenneth and James III to notes. Problem sorted this way.

7th Jan 2014
 Record doesn't link with any other Five Stairsteps discs. Think the "featuring Kenneth" billing is causing the problem.

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