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Artist:The Lemon Pipers
Label:  Buddah
Catalogue:BDA-31 / BDA 31
Date:Feb 1968
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Community:33 Own, 4 Want
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AThe Lemon PipersRice Is NiceP. Leka, S. PinzPaul Leka, Kama Sutra ProductionsPaul Leka9.7  Rate
BThe Lemon PipersBlueberry BlueP. Leka, S. PinzPaul Leka, Kama Sutra ProductionsPaul Leka8.5  Rate


BB March 2, 1968

BB Hot 100, reached no. 46


8th Feb 2015

8th Feb 2015

13th Oct 2014
 Stereo videos at the Australian single linked below.

22nd Apr 2014
 I have a couple of other singles that have drill holes, but they were also shrink-wrapped in plastic with the phrase "Hits U Missed" and the low price of either 39 or 69 cents.

22nd Apr 2014
 Some department store did that as an unscrupulous way to sell cutout copies for full price. Others put other stickers over drill holes.

21st Apr 2014
 A copy I have has a drill hole which is covered up by a small gold sticker on both sides that says "Certified Gold Standard". Not sure how true that is. My copy looks like #309669 and the sticker is above the CAT. #.

Is this Buddah's first stereo single?

19th Apr 2013
 Is this Buddah's first stereo 45? I think both sides sound great in stereo.

16th Apr 2012
 P.S. This was the first Buddah release to feature 6 point Spartan Heavy Condensed on the Pitman variant.

15th Apr 2012
 All three of Columbia's pressing plants are represented in terms of label variants:
- Pitman, NJ {Images #224496 & 224497}
- Santa Maria, CA {Images #257363 & 257364}
- Terre Haute, IN {Images #309669 & 309671}
Naturally, the Pitman layout reigns, I.M.H.O. . . .

19th Sep 2011
 added sleeve and alternate font labels...John

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