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Artist:The Show Stoppers
Label:  Beacon
Catalogue:BEA 100
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:18 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Show StoppersAin't Nothing But A House PartySharh, ThomasBruce Charles, Milton Samuel8.0  Rate
BThe Show StoppersWhat Can A Man DoFitchDrew Stewart9.0  Rate


Second issue and a slight change to the catalogue number.
New label design.


14th Sep 2012
 Third issue, actually! The three issues are:

1 - (3-100). Red and white swirl label with torch logo. Bruce Charles production credit. Issued 1968.
2 - (3-100). Yellow label. No torch logo. Bruce Charles production credit. Issued 1968
3 - (BEA 100). Green label, completely different design. Bruce Charles & Milton Samuel production credit. Issued 1971.

davie gordon
13th Sep 2012
 Beacon boss Milton Samuel's name is added as coproducer on this issue - the original only credits Bruce Charles. Was the track remixed or otherwise tweaked for this issue ?

Dr Doom
12th Apr 2011
 Fixed it now I think.

Oakley Boys
12th Apr 2011
 I'm confused on this issue in our database as it's not showing up under The Showstoppers when I look at the original 3-100 issue and the rest under their name?

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