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Label:  Bell
Catalogue:BELL 1489
Date:16 Jul 1976
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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AShowaddywaddyTake Me In Your ArmsAllured, Bartram, Challenger, Deas, Field, Gask, James, OakesMike HurstRate
BShowaddywaddyGo Johnny GoAllured, Bartram, Challenger, Deas, Field, Gask, James, OakesMike HurstRate


A release date of 23 Jul 1976 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 633.


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18th Oct 2015
 Yes, it was. This was the original track listing on the "Trocadero" album:

1. Trocadero
2. Lookin' Back
3. Paint Your Picture
4. Say Mama
5. Go Johnny Go
6. Heavenly
7. Rock And Roll Music
8. Record Machine
9. Take Me In Your Arms
10. Heartbeat
11. Sweet & Innocent You
12. The Young Indian Brave

I don't know about the single and its variant pressings. This is one of the few Showaddywaddy singles I never bought. I didn't hear it in 1976 due to its lack of success.

Problem Child
11th Mar 2013
 I don't know if any of the two Catters who uploaded their records have played them recently, but my 'B' side plays their version of Gene Vincent's 'Say Mama' ! Was this on all copies? Was this track also on the 'Trocadero' L.P. I wonder ?

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Germany - Bell - 1976

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