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Artist:Jerry Lee Lewis
Label:  Philips
Catalogue:BF 1324 / 320169 BF
Date:Mar 1964
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:15 Own
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AJerry Lee LewisI'm On FireFeldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer7.0  Rate
BJerry Lee LewisBread And Butter ManRichard Hollingsworth, Jimmie L.8.0  Rate


NME review Mar 27, 1964.


davie gordon
19th Sep 2011
 The Strangeloves recorded "I'm on Fire" themselves - it was the B-side of their first single (Swan 4192)

Juke Jules
19th Sep 2011
 Thanks Bill, I'll answer to either ;-)
Perhaps you could add a comment to the Sonny Burgess record about that - Jules

bill mann
19th Sep 2011
 Juke Jules, do we call you Juke or Jules ? The gob iron player on
the Sonny Burgess Sun 45 is actually Billy Riley. Funny you mention Sonny though, cos he is in my top 5 faves, his output on Sun was phenomenal,
Get the Bear Family double CD set for the lot, Brilliant stuff.

Juke Jules
19th Sep 2011
 Gob Irons are a no no on Rock n roll records, unless, of course it's Little Walter
Oh what an invitation, Bill! - "or unless it's Sonny Burgess"

David M. McKee
19th Sep 2011
 Yes, a great song that should have been a hit. Interesting writers, Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer, who are of course the Strangeloves of 'I Want Candy' fame.

bill mann
19th Sep 2011
 Yes, this is indeed a good record. I remember it getting played on TYLS and Janice 'oi'l give it foive' Nichols said it was too much like 'Great Balls of Fire' and only gave it a low score. Don't care much for the B side, Gob Irons are a no no on Rock n roll records, unless, of course it's Little Walter.

18th Sep 2011
 David McKee's informative mini-bio against Jerry Lee's 'Lewis Boogie' mentions this Mercury cut, which I've always felt came close (but not quite close enough) to those early hit singles. For all that, it's a disc that deserved more plays, but received virtually none this side of the water that I can recall.


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