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Artist:Dusty Springfield
Label:  Philips
Catalogue:BF 1502 / 326 767 BF
Date:Jul 1966
Chart Position:10
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Community:47 Own, 1 Wants
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ADusty SpringfieldGoin' BackGoffin, KingPeter Knight9.6  Rate
BDusty SpringfieldI'm Gonna Leave YouD. Springfield, Bell, DuncanPeter Knight10.0  Rate


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4th Mar 2013
 bbc4 (& bbc3)'ve been running a retrospective programme and excerpts from dusty's beebppearences, and an episode from her series, in commemoration of her life and work.
(dusty - mary o'brien - died of recurred cancer 2/3/1999 - the day she was to've received her o.b.e. from hm elizabeth II.)

17th Jan 2013
 Hmmm... Never mind the lyric-changes in the Goldie version, which at least are understandable if, like me, you're happy to forgive Oldham his urge
(a) for IMPACT!!!
(b) to be Phil Spector
... what I want to know is quite what is going on with the lyric in this Dusty version. Cos some of the changes from the version as performed by Carole King and The Byrds are clumsy ("toys" vs "skipping rope"), and that final
"Let everyone debate the true reality
I'd rather see the world the way it used to be"
... reeks of "we need an extra verse, quick". As "we need an extra verse, quick" verses go, it's no "Sail on silver girl...", is it?

17th Jan 2013
 Hi Guys Let's not forget the Original Version.

IM 026

Banned because of Lyrics that suggested Period Pains.H.

16th Jan 2013
 The Byrds' version is nice but for me doesn't even come close to Dusty's version which is one of a small number of records that genuinely makes me get very emotional. A powerful and extraordinary recording - her final line in it always sends the hairs standing up on the back of my neck and in certain frames of minds brings tears to my eyes. Dusty was always a class act, but this record for me is her greatest moment.

16th Jan 2013
 a superb performance, both powerful and serene; i slightly prefer it to the byrds' version, but they both merit a "10" - higher, if it were possible - and i'd not be without either.

25th Aug 2012
 The only other one I remember was the post-holocaust video for "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" by the Walker Brothers, which scared the bejeebers out of my younger self...

25th Aug 2012
 TA Klespie That was It. was quite Emotional. Remember any of the others "Donna" she spends the entire video getting ready and he turns up on a motorbike and side car blowing it all away. Like I said I had them all Including the X-Mas ones.

25th Aug 2012
 The Golden Oldie Picture Show. The first place I ever heard this record! It made me cry (well, I was *very* young!)

25th Aug 2012
 Great record always reminds me of the The Amazing juke box video show hosted by Dave lee Travis or something like I'm sure someone will correct. Where the girl Is walking around a park in high summer while the Prison officers are looking for her she also has Handcuffs on. Anyone remember these. Used to have the lot on video tape lost in the move.

24th Aug 2012

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