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Artist:The 4 Seasons
Label:  Philips
Catalogue:BF 1743 / 304 185 BF
Date:Jan 1969
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Community:11 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe 4 SeasonsElectric StoriesM. Petrillo, S. LinzerGaudio, CreweCharles Calello8.0  Rate
BThe 4 SeasonsPityB. Crewe, M. PetrilloBob CreweCharles Calello6.0  Rate


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14th May 2013
 The fuzz guitars had arrived, we were shortly to leave the Sixties and The Four Seasons were trying to keep their sound hip and cutting edge.

At the time I feared we were to lose that special frisson of pleasure a new Four Seasons single usually engendered, as I wasn't terribly impressed with 'Electric Stories' when first issued. Now I really like it. (Never gets played of course). It scrambled to #61 on Billboard, surviving for a total of 6 weeks.

Soon (aside from a final burst of popularity with 'And that Reminds Me' which attained a peak placing of #45 during a 7-week run) Frankie and the boys' Chart entries would dry up - until that exciting fresh burst of creativity that began in '75 with 'Who Loves You' and continued with 'December 1963 (Oh, What A Night') and others.


Peter Sundae
20th May 2010
 I've got some old 'Oz' mags, mostly LP ads though I think, will have another look.

Dr Doom
20th May 2010
 Yes. I bought a few old music papers a few years back and forgot about them until now.
I'd love to see more old adverts, reviews and sheet music on the site so if anyone has some please get scanning!

Peter Sundae
20th May 2010
 I'm liking these old adverts Dr Doom. This 45 has discotheque potential apparently.

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