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Artist:Various Artists
Label:  Blast First
Title:The Devil's Jukebox
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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Ten 45's in generic die cut sleeves inside a flip top box plus label insert.

Numbered limited edition of 1500 (Sticker on the back of the box)

I seem to remember this was also available as a regular album entitled Nothing Short Of Total War


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5th Dec 2015


5th Dec 2015
 I've not seen a USA jukebox that played small hole 45 RPM records. I believe your statement is incorrect, totallyvinyl.

4th Dec 2015
 I think you may have missed the point ! The title is 'The Devil's Jukebox'
UK jukeboxes use large centre hole and US jukeboxes use small centre hole !
The UK edition-with large holes-was indeed limited to 3000.
There should also be a small 'Blast First' booklet showing the labels' other wares.
The red design on the box cover is embossed.

25th Apr 2012

Col Wolfe
28th Dec 2010

at least they're still manufactured in UK!

Dr Doom
28th Dec 2010
 So it is! Just checked my copy and the sticker has BFDJ 1 (instead of BFDJ US) and It's limited to 3000 instead of 1500.

I think we can keep these scans though, It certainly looks like some kind of export issue rather than a proper US release.

I'll try and add the 'large hole' version at some point.

28th Dec 2010
 This is the US version of the boxset, I believe (see sticker on back of box). In a mind-scrambling twist of record-collector-logic, the records in the UK edition were the ones with the big hole.

28th Dec 2010
 Lovely to see all these disc scans - thanks Col! Interestingly, in the only copy of the box I've ever seen 'in the flesh' (I don't own a copy, unfortunately) the discs were all dinked - 'The Devil's Jukebox' indeed.

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