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Record Details

Artist:The Piglets
Label:  Bell
Catalogue:BLL 1180
Date:15 Oct 1971
Chart Position:3
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Community:61 Own, 3 Want
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AThe PigletsJohnny ReggaeJonathan KingJonathan KingJohnny Arthey9.1  Rate
BThe PigletsBacking TrackJonathan KingJonathan KingJohnny Arthey8.3  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 396
Jonathan King adds some falsetto vocals


My Friend Jack
8th Jan 2016
 Indeed, Charlie! I fell into the trap of assuming that anyone asking the question would already have looked at the comments, so didn't actually look myself - duh!

Charlie Chalk
8th Jan 2016
 And also mentioned a few times in the comments below.

My Friend Jack
8th Jan 2016
 According to JK's autobiography, it was Barbara Kay.

8th Jan 2016
 Does anybody know who the female singer is?
I know it's not Wendy Richards, though I agree it does sound like her.
My guess would be someone like Maggie Stredder,Sue Glover, Kay Garner or Samantha Jones.
Obviously a top female session singer, "BUT WHO ! " that's been bugging me for 40 yrs now.

Ade Macrow
22nd Oct 2015
 Ah! those wonderful teenage days, Steel! Would that they'd lasted forever....(or at least a little longer). The 'wee sweary word' would have been the one that refers to the copulatory act? When you look back now, even with the swearing, it all seems so innocent, compared to what goes on now. ,

22nd Oct 2015
 Yup, that's the one, Ade.. Although there was a "wee swearie word" before John Greig's name..As I said earlier, my only excuse was that I was a teen..but hey, I loved it :)

Charlie Chalk
21st Oct 2015
 Having seen it again, I can just about remember it first time around.

21st Oct 2015
 That's the one! Thanks Andy.
Like the 'skinhead girl' with the feather cut.

Charlie Chalk
21st Oct 2015
 TOTP animation:

PS I always thought she said 'phone' not 'bone' or 'moan'.

Ade Macrow
21st Oct 2015
 At a guess, and from your comments, S-R-W, "Johnny Greig-y, Greig-y', perhaps?'

21st Oct 2015
 I can't vouch for the state of your mind, johnnyhotspur (having difficulty accounting for the state of my own), but I remember an animated film for this one as well.

21st Oct 2015
 telegramsam...you are probably right regarding "on the bone"...cockney rhyming slang 'dog and bone' = phone.
I always thought she said "he's always on the moan"

Personally, I like the record, maybe because I was a suedehead (1978) and into reggae so a lot of my mates used to sing "here comes Johnny Reggae" to me.

I may be losing my mind but I am convinced there was a film/video to this, a sort of cartoon type thing, possibly played on TOTP?

21st Oct 2015
 Hi Oakley Boys, just seen your comment.
A few reasons I wanted this record..(just arrived in the post a few mins ago) :)

I've always liked it (as a sing-a-long type of song).
I collect records on the UK Bell label (I collect labels very few others seem to want)..as well as any records I like.. and this fits the bill, twice!
Growing up as a teenager in Glasgow, whilst supporting the green & white football team in the city, we used to sing this song (with changed lyrics) as a mark of DIS-respect about the captain of the team from the blue half of the area. (he was actually a VERY good footballer..but hey, I was a teen) :)
Lastly, for a bit of fun, I think I'll play it at some of our future Retro Discos.


26th Jul 2014
 Felonius, it's from the UK charts of November 71.

1st Feb 2014

Oakley Boys
25th Sep 2013
 What I don't understand here is that 3 people want the record. I can see why marillionfan has it on his list considering the type of records he's (she?) after but steel-river-wet! what's that about - :)

Being a teenager (just) at the time I can't remember it being of any significance to our culture (skinheads). I can only presume that people who wanted to look 'cool' bought it to make it look like they were part of the sub-culture or maybe some people just liked it.-- considering Benny Hill's Ernie was around at the same time......

25th Sep 2013
 There's lots of groups who claim their records were banned by the BBC when they didn't even reach the producers' meeting on a Monday to decide the playlists. Better saying that rather than tell the truth it wasn't good enough.

Judge Dread knew he had enough of a fan base to ignore the BBC and his records got played at clubs and in youth discos till a responsible adult actually heard the words and issued a stern warning to the person who brought it in.

Jonathan King had enough business savvy to know he had a good tune, and just a bit of the old Max Miller naughtiness would make a hit . It wouldn't be getting reggae club plays on the Bell label but he knew which producers to be wined and dined to get it radio plays.

The friends of Finbar Saunders on here do get their knickers in a twist sometimes about lyrics and occasionally can't contain themselves and release a little Fnarr Fnarr. Oh is that the dog and bone ringing? I must go.


24th Sep 2013
 I went to school with someone called Dawn Light...

Mikey Dread
24th Sep 2013
 Looks like Theresa Matthews has lost her 45 even though she had stuck her name on the label (second from right). Theresa reminds me of a few embarrassing names; Teresa Green, Patty O'dores and a lady who i used to work with, Hazel Nutt. ;-)

24th Sep 2013
 Ha! Thanks for that. I am convinced that my comment is right on the lyric she speaks - listen to it and it clearly sounds like "on the bone" (please don't ask me to explain what that means). It was a very specific slang expression that was at its peak back in 71 - and JK knew it and very cleverly exploited its meaning, undoubtedly aimed at a very specific audience (leaving many others to just assume that 'phone' was the word used). The lyric may state "phone" - but that's almost certainly NOT what it was meant to sound like! ha ha.

24th Sep 2013
 Here are the Official Lyrics Enjoy. H.

What's he like Mavis? He's a real tasty geezer.

He's grown his hair a bit but it's smooth, not too long an' he wears a baseball shirt with a number seventeen on

He looks great in his big white basketball boots. He's stupid over football An' he looks me in the eye when he shoots.

Reggae Reggae Reggae

Here comes Johnny Reggae

Johnny Reggae Reggae lay it on me.

Reggae Reggae Reggae...

He'll always start a fight for me he's always on the phone at the dance-hall in the evening he'll always take me home

In his fringe and buckle stompers and his two-tone tomic strides

He's a real tasty geezer an' I'm his - here - inside.

24th Sep 2013
 Hmm, I could have sworn that this record was in fact banned or restricted in some way by the BBC. Interestingly the line that seems to have cause the stir (" . . . and he looks me in the eye when he shoots") seems fairly innocuous to me. That wasn't the line that made us laugh at school - it was the line "He's always on the bone" - of course it could have been a misheard lyric (for 'bone' read 'phone'). Either way I think that JK knew exactly what he was saying and it all fitted in perfectly with the popular 'Skinhead' books which were all the rage with young people at that time. Am I going bonkers though? I really didn't think this record was played on TOTP or on Pick of The Pops. What a great chart week that was by the way . . . .

23rd Sep 2013
 Here Is the Top 40 From that Very week of that very Year 28 November 1972 And Judge Dredd Is there. H.


23rd Sep 2013
 Presumably, Judge Dread must have been at No. 19! Thanks, Felonious

23rd Sep 2013
 Yes This is from a tape of Pick Of The Pops 28th November 1972

Elvis Presley - I Just Can't Help Believing
21 Cilla Black - Something Tells Me (Something Is Gonna Happen Tonight)

20 Four Tops - Simple Game
18 Cliff Richard - Sing A Song Of Freedom
17 Scott English - Brandy
16 Redbone - Witch Queen Of New Orleans
15 Joan Baez - The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down
14 John Kongos - Tokoloshe Man

13 Vince Hill - Look Around

12 The Newbeats - Run Baby Run
11 Al Green - Tired Of Being Alone
10 Diana Ross - Surrender
9 Rod Stewart - Maggie May
8 Olivia Newton John - Banks Of Ohio
7 Springwater - I Will Return
6 Tom Jones - Till
5 Piglets - Johnny Reggae

4 Cher - Gypsys Tramps And Thieves
3 Benny Hill - Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)
2 T Rex - Jeepster
1 Slade - Coz I Luv You


23rd Sep 2013
 Did they play this record on the radio?

18th May 2013
 Added label variants with credits under artist over 3 lines.

Juke Jules
10th Mar 2013

Charlie Chalk
27th Nov 2012
 The site www.britmovie.co.uk here indicates that JK stated that he used three session singers, and Barbara Kay did the lead (Mavis).

27th Nov 2012
 Jonathan King did reveal who The Piglets were a few years back on his online forum and annoyingly I can't remember who he said they were. Pretty certain Adrienne Posta (or Poster) was not involved. It may well have been two of the Ladybirds or Sue and Sunny who were doing a lot of discs during that era, but even then, I can't say for certain.

It's definitely one of the most ridiculous records of 1971 - this was the year where King went nuts releasing discs under several names - Sakkarin, Nemo, The Piglets, The Weathermen and of course some under his own name. ALL on different labels too - RCA, Parlophone, Bell, B+C and Decca.

Say what you like about King, but he certainly wasn't afraid to have fun in a variety of styles.

27th Nov 2012
 I thought it was one of The Ladybirds...

Alan Phillips
27th Nov 2012

27th Nov 2012
 Charlie Chalk: "An awful record really..."

Second verse is comparatively weak, but the opening verse/chorus is one of the most thrilling minutes in pop. If I'd been born closer to London and, well, a girl, I'd definitely be claiming that I was a Piglet.

The boy King, he really knew his onions.

Thin Yoghurt
27th Nov 2012
 I always thought it was the professional "cockney sparrow" actress and singer the lovely Adrienne Posta?

Charlie Chalk
27th Nov 2012
 An awful record really, but I bought it on release, and still have it!

There still seems to be a school of thought that the lead vocalist on this was Wendy Richards. My understanding is that it was actually Barbara Kay (a session singer) on lead vocals. She issued a few singles in her own name on Pye in 1965.

18th Aug 2011
 "Backing Track" is exactly that - everything but the lead vocal of the A-side

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