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Artist:Peter Tilbrook
Label:  Bomar
Catalogue:BOA 1 / MX-7053/MX-7054
Date:May 1971
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APeter TilbrookStop The TimeP. TilbrookRobert AllanRate
BPeter TilbrookAll Mine To Play WithP. Tilbrook, R. HayRobert AllanRate


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17th May 2015
 I know Mickey, it's the $64 question isn't it? I'm with you though, the charts should not be seen as a listing of the biggest-SELLING hits alone, as we can tell through hindsight that this is not the case. I'm sure local radio stations helped local artists develop their "star" status by exaggerating song performance in the charts.

To quote my old local Brisbane radio station, 4IP, its small print at the bottom of each of its weekly top 40 charts reads "The listing of records herein is the opinion of 4IP based on its survey of record sales, listener requests, and 4IP's judgment of the record's appeal."

I think they have every base covered, don't you!!?! The glad thing, from my perspective, is that these charts give us evidence that local "hits" existed!

mickey rat
16th May 2015
 Hi Badger. Once again, I'm curious about what makes a regional hit record. This record is very rare, even here in Adelaide, yet here it is on a chart. My guess is that either 5AD or 5KA played it a few times because it was local product and it found its way onto the radio station's weekly printed hit sheet. As to actual sales, I'd say it's unlikely that it sold more than a hundred copies. I could of course be wrong.

16th May 2015
 I notice that Adelaide's Edition One label also used the Bomar Studio for its productions.

16th May 2015
 Australian (Kent) Music Report (Top 100): Bubbled under.

Adelaide Charts: Entry date 14 May 1971, Peak 29, Weeks 12.
Brisbane Charts: Did not chart.
Melbourne Charts: Did not chart.
Perth Charts: Did not chart.
Sydney Charts: Did not chart.

mickey rat
22nd Jun 2013
 Added label scans. "BOA-1" not on labels. Will check dead wax next time I see record's owner.

mickey rat
30th Jun 2012
 Bomar was an Adelaide recording studio and they had a record label of the same name for a few minutes. Tilbrook's claim to fame was as a member of Adelaide's (arguably) most important band The Masters' Apprentices. He'd previously been with obscure groups The Bent Beaks and the Sounds Of Silence who both had a local single or two in the '60s. Tilbrook's Bomar single has always been very collectible. I had several copies through my hands 20 or 30 years ago but haven't seen it since. I'll ask around and see if I can find someone who can at least post a scan.

Dr Doom
29th Jun 2012
 This 45 is thought to be from 1969 and it seems to be pretty rare.

Which is a shame as I'd like a copy!


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