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Artist:David Bowie
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:BOW 8 / PB 9654
Date:10 Jan 1981
Chart Position:20
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:80 Own
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ADavid BowieScary Monsters (And Super Creeps)BowieDavid Bowie, Tony Visconti8.1  Rate
BDavid BowieBecause You're YoungBowieDavid Bowie, Tony Visconti5.3  Rate


15th Jan 2016

2nd Sep 2014
 Further to my comments on Up The Hill Backwards, i now know that the chap i have to thank for the fantastic "screeeeeching guitar" is Robert Fripp....so thank you RF!. Also i mentioned that the French pressing of SMASC is the FULL version,not the edit the UK and other countries used.When you consider that they also had "Up The Hill" as the flip side, they certainly got a bargain.Could never claim be a Bowie fan but after hearing all four singles from the Scary Monsters album and loving each minute of them i splashed out on the S.M. album and was not disappionted.The Japanese voice over on "It's No Game" is a special favourite. I presume the copies here,with the plastic labels,although pressed in France,carry the edited SMASC,as was used by the paper label UK pressing?. Finally, what a scandal that UTHB and SMASC stopped at the relatively low postions of 32 and 20 respectively,especially as you consider the massive sucess of the album and previous two singles."A series of shocks" indeed. as for the mention that this was also on a cassette single-YES!, i was very pleased to find one in the music department of a local department store. Bored out of my mind,i decided to play it (LOUD!). "They" however,were not impressed and threatened to sack me!!!!.

20th Jan 2013
 Also available on cassette single

19th Oct 2012
 Although the sleeve clearly states this as having been released in 1981, I distinctly remember buying my copy on December 31st 1980!

30th Jun 2011
 Fripp's guitar sounds almost like a barking seal in parts!...incredible!......John

30th Jun 2011
 Another song that was edited won for the single version. The full length album version probably being my all time fave Bowie track thanks in part to Robert Fripp's manic guitar work which really added a lot of edge to this and other tracks on the album, notably "Fashion."

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