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Artist:Jungle Juice
Label:  Bradleys
Catalogue:BRAD 7407
Date:24 May 1974
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Community:16 Own
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AJungle JuiceThe Zoo GangPaul McCartney, Linda McCartneyTony HillerRate
BJungle JuiceMonkey BusinessHiller, FrechterTony HillerRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 526

On 28 June 1974 Paul McCartney and Wings’ single Band On The Run was released in the UK. On the B-side was Zoo Gang, an instrumental written by Paul McCartney. Zoo Gang was a British ATV television programme produced by Lew Grade, who asked McCartney to write the show’s theme tune. After completing Band On The Run in December 1973, Paul, Linda and Denny [Laine], along with Davy Lutton (drums) and Jimmy McCulloch (guitar), visited Paris, primarily to work on some of Linda’s songs. While there, they also recorded Zoo Gang, as McCartney put it: “Just to see how it’d feel playing with musicians on a loose no-strings-attached basis”. Zoo Gang was a product of these ‘test’ sessions.

Paul and Linda McCartney wanted to release their version as the B-side to Band On The Run, which was scheduled for release several weeks after the TV series was due to end. Therefore Grade quickly ordered that some session musicians be gathered to record the song to use for the show. It was also issued as a single under the name Jungle Juice on Grade’s Bradley Records. The group, which included Colin Frechter on keyboards, recorded a similar-sounding instrumental, Monkey Business, for the B-side. Both sides of the record were produced by Tony Hiller, who did such a good job at recreating Wings’ original that it fooled many into believing that Jungle Juice was another Wings pseudonym. In fact neither McCartney nor Wings had anything to do with the Jungle Juice single.

Hiller recalls, “I was producing for ATV music. It was a quick request to cover a song, written by Paul and Linda McCartney, by ATV who held the publishing rights. We booked various session musicians at Pye Studios in London but I don’t recall any of them except Colin Frechter who played keyboards. I named the group Jungle Juice because of the song titles”.

Information courtesy of Lennon


My Friend Jack
14th Aug 2015
 Five weeks on the Breakers list from 18 May 1974, peaking in 1st place.

New Singles release date is therefore a week or two too late.

26th Jun 2011
 This version isn't bad but Macca's has more balls

11th May 2010
 Thanks for that - as said in your notes the cover version is a good one and I can see how it some thought it could be Macca.

I did a search on Colin Frechter who you named as one of the session players and I see on his web page that he has another Macca link.

It states "One artist that Colin is still hoping to work with is Paul McCartney. Sadly, on the three occasions that Paul has asked Colin to arrange for him, Colin was too heavily involved with other artists. He even had to turn down the opportunity to work on, it is believed, 'Mull Of Kintyre'!"

11th May 2010
 sladesounds - Here's some more music trivia for you that I have provided to 45cat for the Notes section of this release. And here is the theme tune over the opening credits.


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