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Record Details

Artist:Stephanie De Sykes (With Rain)
Label:  Bradleys
Catalogue:BRAD 7409
Date:14 Jun 1974
Chart Position:2
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Community:46 Own
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AStephanie De Sykes (With Rain)Born With A Smile On My FaceRoger Holman, Simon MayBarry LengColin Frechter6.3  Rate
BStephanie De Sykes (With Rain)Woman's IntuitionChas Mills, Alex Keenan, Stephanie De SykesBarry LengColin Frechter6.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 529


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19th Jul 2012
 She was all over the 'roads for a while. That other one was used in Meg's wedding, right? I can't watch the video. I'm too delicate.

19th Jul 2012
 You sure you're not thinking of this?

18th Jul 2012
 I think it was the same week that the boy Dadomo wandered onto the set looking for Sandy in his big wheelchair*.

*Points available to the first, etc.

carey jeggs
18th Jul 2012
 Was that when Jill Chance uttered the immortal line,after being pestered by Adam, 'I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.'? This must have been followed by a lot of shouting at the television throughout the land.

18th Jul 2012
 Which week was that, then? :-)

18th Jul 2012
 This was plugged mercilessly on 'Crossroads'. This was back when Crossroads was good, obviously.

18th Jul 2012
 seemingly, it wasn't just video that killed the radio star ... shame ... Stephanie enjoyed a hit single with this in south africa on RPM. RPM 415 charting nov 1974 peaking at #15; her only other sign of chart life in southern africa was on the airplay/popularity chart on Radio 5 (now 5fm) in south africa charting 14 aug 1977 with COOL WIND FROM THE NORTH, reaching #10 and charting for 6 wks in the top 20

18th Jul 2012
 Not a bad song at all! And the b-side is quite decent, too!

18th Jul 2012
 was last record i played on local radio.got kicked off so they can use downloaded music

16th Jun 2012

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