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Record Details

Artist:The Goodies
Label:  Bradleys
Catalogue:BRAD 7421
Date:Nov 1974
Chart Position:7
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:51 Own
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AThe GoodiesFather Christmas Do Not Touch MeTrad. Arr. Bill OddieMiki AnthonyBill Oddie8.8  Rate
BThe GoodiesThe InbetweeniesBill OddieMiki Anthony8.5  Rate


Also available with the sides reversed (BRAD 7421)


24th Jul 2014
 He touches ANY of my nuts and he's reindeer fodder!!!

Mikey Dread
24th Jul 2014
 I hope you don't have a message attached for Santa,zab: "Donut touch until Christmas Day,hope you've remembered the chocolate sauce this year,Nick."

24th Jul 2014
 That's why I buy donuts!

The Toad
24th Jul 2014
 Scans of perforated labels added. Interestingly these aren't the usual wide Pye-style perforations - Pye handled the Bradleys label - but narrow EMI-style ones. Perhaps it was a contract pressing. ("Fascinating." - Editor. "Isn't it? I only bought it for the perforations." - Toad. "You bought a record just for the holes in it? Hmm." - Editor.)

Michael Earith
28th Nov 2012
 Is the" Father Christmas do not touch me" not yet availabe to download from iTunes?

9th Jun 2012

28th Apr 2012
 Also Available with Picture Sleeve (will scan later)

3rd Mar 2012
 This version has the 'B' on the run-out matrix # on "Father Christmas..." scratched out and replaced with 'A'; and vice versa on the other side. Run-out on "Father Christmas..." also has the legend "MERRY XMAS FROM MELLY+BARRY"

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