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Artist:Сребърните Гривни
Label:  Balkanton
Catalogue:BTM 6180
Title:Песни Бориса Карадимчева
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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A1Сребърните ГривниЗарезанRate
A2Сребърните ГривниМальчик, КоторыйRate
B1Софийский Эстрадный ОркестрМы Еще МолодыRate
B2ХебросПловдивская СказкаRate


21st Mar 2017
 just out of interest I tried that in google translate, it does a fairly good effort.

20th Mar 2017
 "Sreburnite Grivni" as I've already pointed out, translates as 'silver bracelets'

Never noticed the mis-match, Judge....I was too busy trying to get the lettering right off the sleeve!!!

Anyway here's the first track - I love it


20th Mar 2017

20th Mar 2017
 There's an almost complete mis-match between the titles on the rear sleeve and what's on the labels, with only A1 being in common between them. I'm going with the labels for now.

The disc's overall title is The Songs Of Boris Karadimchev.

20th Mar 2017
 t'judge: point. it may also be the title of a poem, but yr hmbl srppnt.'s bulgarian is almost nonexistent. . .

so, not that massacre - and possibly not by serbians, but of serbians, by turks some centuries earlier - a lot of people're been massacred in the balkans over the past millennium or two, alas.

(otoh i do now know a bit more about bulgaraton)

(i haven't yet discovered who boris karaditchev is/was, though.)

the "(sl. ....)" = "(words (by) ... )"

ah. and it's an m, rather than a t, he may have a facebook page. . . lives in sofia, likes music...

20th Mar 2017
 Erm...this release is from 1969, ppint. Or are you being more than usually over-subtle?

20th Mar 2017
 "srebrenitye grevni" would appear to be a title referring to the massacre of thousands of bosnian men and boys by the serbs - "srebrenician graves", iiuc. - possibly the title of the album and/or a musical work, from which the tracks were taken.

20th Mar 2017
 First time I've ever submitted a record in an unfamiliar language, so please if anyone can make corrections / translations, please do, as I've probably made a hash of it.

Hunted this down as track 1 is the excellent track I know as 'Zarezan' by Silver Bracelets, which is on the 'Psychedelic Super Piotr' compilation

I think the band on the B side tracks is the Orchester Sofia ?

I would love more info on this record...the title refers to 'Songs of ????'

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