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Label:  WEA
Catalogue:BUCK 1
Date:1 Aug 1981
Chart Position:19
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Community:33 Own
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ADollarHand Held In Black And WhiteTrevor HornBruce Woolley9.0  Rate
BDollarHeartbeat (Love Me Slowly)Trevor HornBruce Woolley7.0  Rate


17th Oct 2013
 undoubtedly an error on the ZW pressing as regards composers. Of T&D's A Side hits i think they only composed LOVE'S GOTTA HOLD ON ME and GIVE ME SOME KIND OF MAGIC.

17th Oct 2013
 .....something odd here, there are no writing credits on this single, or the 12" version, and yet the German version (WEA 18 827), and Dutch version (WEA 18 827) credits Bruce Woolley and Trevor Horn as writers.

The Zimbabwean copy (WIS 563) credits Bazar & Van Day, so what's the deal?

I highly doubt that the 'Vaselined' duo could write an opus such as HHIBAW, let alone arrange it.

17th Oct 2013
 the 12" which i was thinking of is of course in white vinyl with a picture label, not a pic disc as such.

17th Oct 2013
 Never saw the 12" pic disc but had this on UK White vinyl 12" in PVC sleeve.Also, isn't it amazing how time plays tricks on the memory?,i always thaught this did MUCH better than number 19. looking at ms.Bazaar,she looks like she is entirely made of hairspray and plastic and is auditioning to become a (Trevor)porn star.GREAT record none the less. Many people overlook her backing vocals and DVD's "helpful hints" on Gary Numan's "Noise Noise"

19th Aug 2013
 Hand Held In Black And White - 12" MIX

....stonkin' production by Trevor Horn, and studio session musicians, and um, Thereza and David, ho hum. Lots of slap bass in there.....kudos to Horn and Wooley.

Direct link to 45worlds.com - 12" Single World

6th Dec 2012
 catchy tune; this was also issued as a 12" single picture disc in the UK with an extended version of the track; first charted august 1981 reaching #19 in UK and #5 in Zimbabwe; was a Top 40 airplay hit in South Africa on Capital Radio but failed to reach the Top 20 sales chart; one of many productions for Trevor Horn

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