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Artist:Nick Lowe
Label:  Stiff
Catalogue:BUY 1
Date:14 Aug 1976
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:60 Own, 4 Want
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ANick LoweSo It GoesNick LoweNick Lowe, Jake Riviera9.5  Rate
BNick LoweHeart Of The CityNick LoweNick Lowe, Jake Riviera9.8  Rate


In Stiff company bag.


5th Jul 2012
 Stock copy push out centre labels added. Cannot believe they were not up yet......I can never tire of Nick Lowe, so heres

Security's so tight tonight

11th May 2012
 It certainly does help, Thin Yoghurt: many thanks. First example I've seen!

9th May 2012
 Now I do like that Delga company sleeve. I am going to have to check all of mine again now..

Thin Yoghurt
9th May 2012
 I bought a collection of genuine first issue Stiff singles from a lady who was given them at the time (including "New Rose" - score!) and this was the only one in a company sleeve, the others had picture sleeves. It has the word "Delga" on the rear flap without a dp logo which I thought was unusual. Hope that helps?

9th May 2012
 Same here, Bodston - but by the time of BUY 15 (the next Stiff without a pic/custom sleeve) the logo was being used widely on Delga's output (I think). It just struck me as being a bit 'out of time' for when this 'Basher' single was first released.

9th May 2012
 All of my early company sleeves have the dp logo on.

9th May 2012
 Every 'first issue' copy I've seen (including my own) comes in the company sleeve, printed by Delga. This has their distinctive 'dp' logo on the back - which otherwise doesn't seem to have been introduced until 1977 (the earliest Stiff pic sleeve to include it being, I think, BUY 17). Earlier pic sleeves of course just bore the word 'Delga' in a plain font.

Did anyone here obtain the single back in August '76? Did the earliest company sleeves just have that plain font 'Delga' on the back?

9th May 2012
 Added a couple of scans of the hand stamped PLUG COPY promo. Interestingly one seems to have been stamped after the centre hole was punched out for jukebox use!

7th Feb 2012
 Matrix message:

press out center version

A-side: Earthlings awake

B-side: 3 chord trick yeh

Full center has B-side diff spellingThree chord trick yeh and a LYN 5873/4 cat.No as well

swedish TV live

9th Apr 2011
 Have added The first singles box from Stiff for the BUY 1-10

Not sure if this goes here? OK?

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