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Record Details

Label:  Stiff
Catalogue:BUY 112
Date:May 1981
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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27th Jul 2012
 Why is this still listed as Swedish, when both sleeve and record is made in Norway...?

14th Apr 2011
 That´s ok then.

The Scandinavian collectors have had this problem for years separating the pressings. Some 60´s labels are even harder, giving you no clue but a NcB on the label.

Dr Doom
14th Apr 2011
 In cases like this it's fine to enter a duplicate entry for Norway, Denmark etc. explaining in the notes that the singles were manufactured in Norway for sale in all Scandinavian territories.

We did work on a system where the database had a separate field for country of manufacture and country of release but it confused us!

We decided to keep the database/website simple at the cost of having a few duplicate entries rather than overcomplicating the system for the sake of a small percentage of 'awkward' release overall.

: )

14th Apr 2011
 I have talked to Tobbe from Buythehour about the same thing. The Swedish press plant took over from Tracey ullman BUY 180 clearly stating Made in Sweden and a different runout groove.
710 runout grooves is Norwegian.

I have talked to the Danish Stiff importer from the early days and he stated that the records were pressed and shipped from Oslo, Norway

Early album covers also has a Norwegian offset Team Trykk - Sweden has SIBB tryk.

As the singles were sold all over Scandinavia maybe we should have another "country" for these.

By the way! The list Buythe hour uses was made by me.

14th Apr 2011
 Hello stiffone,
both websites I used for reference ( Buy The Hour and Stiff Stuff ) list this as swedish. Same with the other releases I entered as swedish releases.It even seems that there isn't one norwegian pressing to be found on both sites.
Buy The Hour is from Sweden, so I think the info there should be correct.

14th Apr 2011

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