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Artist:Elvis Costello
Label:  Stiff
Catalogue:BUY 14
Date:27 May 1977
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:68 Own, 2 Want
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AElvis CostelloAlisonElvis CostelloNick Lowe9.4  Rate
BElvis CostelloWelcome To The Working WeekElvis CostelloNick Lowe8.3  Rate


A release date of 3 Jun 1977 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 676


7th Feb 2012
 Matrix message: Made in England on label Full Center version
A-side: Elvis joins the F.B.I. Just good friends rock Porky
B-side: Elvis is king A porky prime cut

Matrix message: Ful center NO England
A-side: Elvis joins FBI Just good friends rock
B-side: Elvis is king

10th Dec 2010
 Regarding Demon and Edsel...

The company was originally owned by EC's (now ex-)manager Jake Riviera and Andrew Lauder, who co-owned Radar with Riviera, and was once the director of United Artists UK, who signed such groups as Dr. Feelgood, Hawkwind, Man, and Brinsley Schwarz (featuring Nick Lowe and future members of The Rumour).

Somewhere along the way, Elvis bought into the company, and he and Riviera sold their stakes in the company (Lauder has already sold his) in 1998 to Crimson Productions, which owned the now defunct UK division of Woolworths.

Elvis now owns all the rights to his releases on Stiff, Radar, F-Beat, Demon, and Imp (essentially everything pre-Warner Bros.), and they are now distributed in NA and the UK by Universal (on the Hip-O label).

As for the stringy "Alison", the original Columbia single said nothing on it about the remix/extra production, and as far as I know, I've never seen any info about who actually did it (presumably someone at CBS). Maybe the culprits have asked for anonymity (for fear of reprisals)...

30th Nov 2010
 Thanks furball... always nice to know when these things are legally re-issued....BEATLEJOHN

30th Nov 2010
 Has it really? I'm quite surprised. I don't buy compilations so wouldn't have spotted that.

30th Nov 2010
 Hate to disappoint you, guys, but it already has! (Volume 1 of the 3-volume "Singles Collection" on Edsel Records... which, if I remember correctly, is owned by E.C.'s Demon Records, right?)

12th Nov 2010
 Oh I know he does!, but that's what you heard on US radio back in 77-78....("it's a sound salvation...it's the cradle of the nation")......

12th Nov 2010
 ..and it certainly won't be if E.C. has anything to do with it..he HATES it!!!

12th Nov 2010
 American single of Allison (on Columbia) has a re-mixed (plus strings and bkrd. vocals added) version that as far as I know still hasn't popped up on CD.

20th Sep 2010
 Barney Bubbles cover design

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