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Artist:The Pogues
Label:  Stiff
Catalogue:BUY 212
Date:Oct 1984
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:10 Own, 3 Want
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AThe PoguesBoys From The County HellMacGowanStan BrennanRate
BThe PoguesRepeal Of The Licensing LawsStacyStan BrennanRate


The blue-tinted sleeve was the first pressing of this record.

The second pressing came with the green-tinted sleeve.


14th Apr 2012
 Some early copies of A Pair of Brown Eyes also came as a double-pack with this single(green-tinted sleeve). I also have a blue sleeve with a regular BUY 212 record.

19th Jan 2011
 You´re right again, but this was the combination I bought this at a record fair many years ago in Sweden. Let´s mix it the right way when we get a BUY DJ 212.

By the way BUY 212 was also shrinkwrapped with BUY 220

19th Jan 2011
 The blue-tinted sleeve (as uploaded by Stiffone) was, so I've read, only issued with 'A' label promos; while stock copies had a green-tinted sleeve.

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