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Record Details

Artist:Lene Lovich
Label:  Stiff
Catalogue:BUY 42
Date:26 Jan 1979
Chart Position:3
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:119 Own, 1 Wants
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ALene LovichLucky NumberLovich, ChappellThe Stateless8.9  Rate
BLene LovichHomeLovich, ChappellThe Stateless8.2  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 758


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2nd Jul 2015
 There were plenty of Picture Sleeved ones In our shop. Borrowed a Hairdryer from the Shop next door and the Lucky Number was 7 on all of them. So ColgatePing (If you're still with us) was right. Stiff wanted the sleeves back. Everyone was grabbing the12" Red or Yellow. I had both. as they were still a Novelty at that time. H.

6th May 2015

25th Jun 2013
 Should've Been Double A Side Excellent B

20th Jan 2013
 I wouldn´t say that this sleeve is in the Top 100 rareties at all. Bigger hits probably sold out of pic sleeves and had company sleeves instead.

20th Jan 2013
 This 7" picture sleeve appears to be extremely limited. I'm lucky enough to have one in really nice condition (despite the thin paper of the sleeve). Does anybody know how many were pressed?

Vic Flange
30th Nov 2012
 My copy has no picture sleeve but came instead in a Stiff paper sleeve.

30th Mar 2012
 Run out message:

A side:
Number three happy new year

B side:

2U has no message on A-side

18th Jan 2012
 What did you win if you did? Did they just want the cover back?

Billy Two
15th Sep 2010
 Did anyone ever get the lucky number found by radiating heat onto the back cover ?

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