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Artist:The Belle Stars
Label:  Stiff
Catalogue:BUY DJ 117
Date:May 1981
Format:Promo Only 7"
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Community:7 Own
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AThe Belle StarsHiawathaSummers, Joyce, Leyton, Barker, Owen, Dakar, SummersA Clanger Winstanley ProductionRate
BThe Belle StarsBig BlondeThe Belle StarsA Clanger Winstanley ProductionRate


Typo on the composer for 'Hiawatha' Summers appears twice in place of Parsons


14th Jan 2013
 I too have Bert's book. My problem is that I obviously haven't read it recently Zeb! Thanks for the correction, my confusion is that the stock copy does have Parsons and only one Summers in the writers credits. So typo or not somebody(snatchers) have got the writing credits wrong either here or here.

14th Jan 2013
 Not his solo #1, MH - the book predated that. My (pure unadulterated) guesswork would be either "Uptown Top Ranking" or "Video Killed The Radio Star". Please feel free to shoot down both ideas...

PS: I have the book too, Zeb!

14th Jan 2013
 Wasn't it Jim Diamond?

14th Jan 2013
 In Muirhead´s book there´s a quiz where he mentions that Stiff Recs turned a down a coming No. 1, but what was the record? Anyone?

mickey rat
14th Jan 2013
 Hi ZZ. Yes, I have the Bert Muirhead book and it was invaluable to me when I was collecting Stiff singles in the 1980s - without it I wouldn't have known which issues I was missing.

14th Jan 2013
 That is not a typo on the composer for "Hiawatha". Am I the only person on this site who has a copy of Bert Muirhead's book "Stiff: The Story Of A Record Label"? If you read the feature on the Belle Stars in that book you will see that "Hiawatha" is an old Bodysnatchers song which they didn't get around to releasing because the changes in the Bodysnatchers' line-up evolved into the Belle Stars. The original drummer in the Bodysnatchers was Jane Summers and the bassist was Nicky Summers (no relation). Jane left the group while they were still the Bodysnatchers and Judy Parsons took her place. Nicky Summers and vocalist Rhoda Dakar were the only remaining Bodysnatchers who didn't become part of the Belle Stars. The point is, "Hiawatha" was obviously written when Jane Summers was still in the Bodysnatchers, hence the Summers credit appearing twice.

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