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Artist:Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers
Label:  Beserkley
Catalogue:BZZ 1
Date:1 Jul 1977
Chart Position:11
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Community:81 Own, 2 Want
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AJonathan RichmanRoadrunner (Once)J. RichmanMatthew King Kaufman, Glen Kolotkin9.3  Rate
BThe Modern LoversRoadrunner (Twice)J. RichmanMatthew King Kaufman, Glen Kolotkin9.4  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 680


3rd May 2014
 Utterly marvellous record

Couldn't agree more! Once or Twice, depending on my mood! :-)

2nd May 2014
 Once for me. Fresh as a daisy still. Leaps off the vinyl. ( I love them all though).

In the summers of 86 and 87 I lived just South of Boston and went to see a lot of shows in the Greater Boston Area (The Channel, Great Woods, Riverside, Fenway, Boston Centrum etc). I never saw JR & TML then but I loved driving around Beantown after shows. My girlfriend Christine had a big old red Oldsmobile with a wicked bad stereo (she played mostly Squeeze but would stick on my JR&TML tape when I requested it, I can still reel off the tracks Roadrunner (1), Morning Of Our Lives, Roadrunner (2), Oh New England...)

One night we drove down to Cape Cod after a gig in Gloucester all the way down Route 128 through Needham, Danvers, Waltham, Lexington etc. then Route 3 down to Hyannis. Jonathan was the soundtrack. It was actually like being in the song...

Utterly marvellous record.

"Gonna drive past the Stop & Shop... with my radio on...

14th Nov 2012
 Twice for me. "So cold here in the Dark" H.

14th Nov 2012
 "Once". The lead vocal gives it a propulsion like:

Jonathan sounds so incredibly happy on this version.

13th Nov 2012
 A great song, but which version do you prefer?

Good question! It depends on my mood. If I'm feeling punky, i gor for Twice. If I'm feeling more mellow, Once does it for me. I rarely play Thrice, though...

13th Nov 2012
 Twice. Every time. "I'm in love with rock 'n' roll..."

13th Nov 2012
 A great song, but which version do you prefer? Once or Twice?

Roadrunner - Once

Roadrunner - Twice

Or thrice (from here).


6th Feb 2010
 "one - two - three - four - five - six!"

This just came up on random play on my player. I love this record! Written in 1970 when Jonathan was 19, it still sounds to me as good as it did when I first heard it in the late 70s. The version on the A side of this single was recorded in 1974, supposedly live in one take with about a further 2 hours taken by Kaufman to add some backing vocals and mix it all up. As a critic once said "it has to be one of the most magical songs in existence".

"going faster miles an hour............with my radio on"

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