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Artist:Lenne And The Lee Kings
Label:  Gazell
Date:Sep 1965
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own, 1 Wants
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ALenne And The Lee KingsStop The MusicA. HoffmanBenny Englund10.0  Rate
BLenne And The Lee KingsAlways And EverBroberg, DalénBenny Englund9.0  Rate


Stop The Music (a different take than the one on the original issue of C-158) charted 01.01.66 in Tio i topp charts, peak #1


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8th Jun 2014
 Two earlier clips didn't work any longer so here's a new one. This plays the re-recording found on this very entry, showing the correct cover:

8th Apr 2014
 I've taken the liberty to re-enter the first issue with different sleeve, sides reversed and the "Finnish Hit Version" of Stop The Music again. Hope other mods will forgive me.

19th Jan 2013
 Some mod apparently overruled comments by lorangrecords and myself because the earlier entry with the sides reversed has been deleted. Shame. I still think this record should have both issues listed. Considering there's other records being listed twice or more despite having same cat.nos. too.

10th Sep 2012
 In my opinion two different sleeves could be added at the same entry, but I still think it's ok with a different entry.
Yuo can also make it one, because of the cat#. Then yuo can explain all in the notes.
Your choice I think.

10th Sep 2012
 Forgot to mention it also comes in two entirely different sleeves, too. Though that alone wouldn´t entitle it for a second entry, of course.

10th Sep 2012
 That makes it more like two than one I must say.
No merge is probably the right thing.

10th Sep 2012
 Yes, I know what you mean, lorangrecords. My thinking was a) this record is listed twice in STORA POPBOKEN, b) has the sides reversed and c) plays different versions of "Stop The Music". Altogether it makes it more of another issue than a simple repressing IMHO.

10th Sep 2012
 same cat.no. Shall it really be an own release?

17th Jul 2012
 This entry is actually the second issue of Gazell C-158. On its first issue "Always And Ever" is the top side.

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