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Artist:Paul Anka
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:C 20 371
Date:Mar 1958
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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APaul AnkaDianaP. AnkaD. Costa9.0  Rate
BPaul AnkaDon't Gamble With LoveP. AnkaD. Costa8.0  Rate


28th Dec 2011
 b/t/w ....the sleeve photo is a pic of Paul in the 60's ...not the 50's...John

28th Dec 2011
 These label scans might be variations, because the composer is P. Anka on the original addition, and on mine it's Anka.
My release came in an Electrola cover.

28th Dec 2011
 The scan will be added soon, but as composer is already added P. Anka.
If that is what's stated on the added release it shall stay. If not it shall be changed?

27th Dec 2011
 Hi, type in what it says on the label. It helps if you submit a scan of the labels.

27th Dec 2011
 On my release is only stated Anka as composer.
Is P. Anka correct? There are various releases.
Hopeful for an answer.

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