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Record Details

Artist:The Vogues
Label:  Co & Ce
Date:Feb 1966
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Community:28 Own
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AThe VoguesMagic TownB. Mann, C. WeilCenci, Mann, Hakim9.0  Rate
BThe VoguesHumpty DumptyH. Cohen, E. RostelliCenci, Hakim7.0  Rate


BB Feb 12, 1966

a) ZTSC 107575 ; MW 651
b) ZTSC 107576 ; MW 652


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29th Jan 2015
 There are no producers first names on any of the B side labels, so they shouldn't be in the credits

Mod edit...Done.

29th Jan 2015
 Huh? Nick Cenci isn't shown as co writer on the promo label, he's shown as co-producer, as he is on the stock.

28th Jan 2015
 Co-writer "Cenci" on the promo label is Nick Cenci, co-owner of Co & Ce. It looks like Screen Gems objected and his name was removed from the stock labels.

19th Dec 2014
 Added Monarch Records, Los Angeles, CA label without the gold stamp which appears to be a sticker added on image # 1156064. A side delta is Δ60477. B side is Δ60477-X.

6th May 2014
 Yeah, the stamped or handwritten date on a promo copy usually designates the date the radio station received it in the mail, and not the release date.

davie gordon
6th May 2014
 That's what happens when you take a handwritten date as the date of release - date
changed back to Feb. 1966

21st Apr 2014
 The record was mentioned in billboard 11 days before it was released?

1st Nov 2013

6th Oct 2013

17th Sep 2013
 DJ promo labels added

12th Jul 2012
 Label variants are as follows:
- {Images #156404, 156405, 395747 & 395748} - Columbia pressing
- {Images #332904 & 332905} - Midwest Record Pressings, Chicago, IL
- {Images #495068 & 495069} - RCA Victor, Rockaway, NJ

12th Jul 2012
 added a 4th set of labels

12th Mar 2011

davie gordon
10th Mar 2011
 the scans show copies pressed by Columbia's contract pressing arm,
there are other issues showing different matrix numbers which are probably
local issues for the Pittsburgh area. Same label design and layout, just
different matrix numbers.

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