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Artist:The Vogues
Label:  Co & Ce
Catalogue:C-238 / B-238
Date:May 1966
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Community:17 Own
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AThe VoguesThe Land Of Milk And HoneyJohn Hurley, Ronnie WilkensCenci, Hakim, Moon9.0  Rate
BThe VoguesTrue LoversS. DiNunzio, N. CenciCenci, Hakim, MoonRate


BB May 28, 1966


George Slv
22nd Dec 2014
 Part of a Youtube compilation from Oldies But Goodies:
A side

George Slv
19th Dec 2014
 Are you comparing to original analog?
I don't know about Rhino, but have the 1996 Varese-Sarabande CD. Collectables used that same digital master. That's junk.

19th Dec 2014
 What do you mean? The A side sounds great in mono on the Rhino CD and even better in stereo on the Varese CD.

George Slv
19th Dec 2014
 There aren't many chances to hear a good copy of A now, because digital remasters have degraded the sound.
That Collectables reissue is the kind of mess I'm talking about. A vinyl 45 made from a digital source! ????

I should explain. 16-bit digital loses maybe half the resonance. A song like this needs to retain all that.

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