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Artist:Пол Маккартни Ансамбль "Wings" (Paul McCartney Group "Wings")
Label:  Мелодия
Date:20 Mar 1984
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Community:4 Own
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A1Пол Маккартни Ансамбль "Wings" (Paul McCartney Group "Wings")Я люблю тебя (Ya Lyublyu Tyebya)Rate
B1Пол Маккартни Ансамбль "Wings" (Paul McCartney Group "Wings")Джет (Jet)Rate
B2Пол Маккартни Ансамбль "Wings" (Paul McCartney Group "Wings")Нет слов (Nyet Slov)Rate


Picture sleeve on the Russian Melodya label.


Paul McCartney [and] Ensemble "Wings".
Side A: Silly Love Songs (literally I Love You)
Side B1: Jet
Side B2: No words (literally There Are No Words)

Release date taken from the bottom left-hand corner of the back cover.

For much more information on this release, go to http://www.beatles.ru/beatlesvinyl/ru/C62_20413_004.html.


31st Mar 2013
 Who knows? There is a bit of an issue with the various editions, in that some plants opted to issue flexidiscs instead of vinyl, and flexidiscs had to use different catalogue numbers, throwing up the question of where they belong on the site. I've started a discussion on the issue (under the Melodiya label main page) - if you have a moment, could you give a view as to what you think?

31st Mar 2013
 Thanks, TopPopper. So, Ташкентский Завод translates as Tashkent Plant. Even if I had translated that when I bought the record, I doubt that I would have understood the significance. Still, how it wound up in a Nashville Symphony fundraising event for me to find will remain a mystery.

30th Mar 2013
 Not a later pressing, a pressing from a different factory. There were six or seven in USSR, and each tended to make up their own labels and even sleeve designs. The name of the factory is given in horizontal text just above the playhole. White label is Leningrad. Red label is Tashkent, which is in Uzbekistan.

11th Oct 2012
 Red label variant added; probably a later pressing. The cover for my copy has brighter colors than the example shown, otherwise it appears identical.

29th May 2011
 Thanks chaps, I was determined to crack it and ensure it was as the sleeve and label showed it!

29th May 2011
 I would have just pretended I hadn't got it, but well done anyway.

Orbiting Cat
29th May 2011
 Good job JPGR&B!

23rd May 2011
 Phew - 35 minutes with Google translate and Вуаля, все на русском языке. Какие умные JPGR и B!

With thanks to my friend Percy T. for loan of the 45.

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