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Artist:Charlie Drake
Label:  Charisma
Catalogue:CB 270
Date:28 Nov 1975
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:6 Own
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ACharlie DrakeYou Never KnowHall, GabrielGabriel Ear Wax8.0  Rate
BCharlie DrakeI'm Big Enough For MeRay GlastonburyRay GlastonburyRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 602.


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7th Nov 2012
 congrats on the win Deepinder! a nice keeper with a great promo leaflet... oh well, as Del Shannon said, '...You gotta keep searchin...'

Deepinder Cheema
5th Nov 2012
 Well done H. Never has there been so much concentrated enjoyment in one LP; and at a bargain price too. I like the line: 'We don't test them, we count them. One, two. Congratulations! (You will need to find the song to discover the meaning)

5th Nov 2012
 Hi Deepinder Cheema

but the MFP album the accumulation of his singles is an essential purchase. I'm too heavy for the Light Brigade is a favourite.

I just picked that up at this weekend's Boot Mint Condition and Un-Played. In a box of Partridge Family David Cassidy LP's. For 50p. And yes that Track Is Great. The LP Is Call "Hello My Darlings". H.

Deepinder Cheema
4th Nov 2012
 Ha ha You are mistaken old fruit bat, it was me that got it in the end 1038. I think Mark will be pleased that a good old bidding war occurred.

4th Nov 2012
 aha! so you were in the bidding mix too Deepinder! we both got outbid in the end... someone wanted this one badly... me thinks the nice promo release sheet helped add a little extra encouragement for the 5 bidders to fight it out!

Deepinder Cheema
4th Nov 2012
 Charles Drake was a gifted musician and songwriter amongst his other talents like blowing his fortune at the casino. He even won the Golden Rose of Montreux for his 1812 Overture film which is a classic, with his especial performance on timpani. I 'm not sure if he made an LP ( I would like to know) , but the MFP album the accumulation of his singles is an essential purchase. I'm too heavy for the Light Brigade is a favourite.

4th Nov 2012
 Think I'll stick with "My Boomerang won't come back"!


Deepinder Cheema
4th Nov 2012
 yeah..and also probably because you outbid me with 20 seconds to go!

I watched that Charles Drake documentary on that Boxing Day before John Peel died so must have been 2003

4th Nov 2012
 a mint copy just sold on Ebay for £18.56! probably something to do with the Peter Gabriel, Sandy Denny, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp connection!

13th Mar 2011
 Phil Collins has stated that he played on this , along with Robert Fripp and Keith Tippett. I'm sure I read elsewhere that Sandy Denny is on it too. It seems a rather stellar cast for what is essentially a piece of whimsy.

7th Nov 2010
 This is the first project Peter Gabriel produced after leaving Genesis.

25th Feb 2009
 A-Side Production "Gabriel Ear Wax" (i.e. Peter Gabriel), B-Side Produced by Ray Glastonbury, "Theme Tune From: Professor Popper's Problems"

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