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Record Details

Label:  Charisma
Catalogue:CB 289
Date:Jul 1976
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:10 Own, 1 Wants
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Number: 102159  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: A - No Gilmour credit

Number: 102161 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: B - No Gilmour credit

Number: 102157 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: A - Gilmour credit

Number: 102158 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: B - Gilmour credit

Number: 302904 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: Silver A

Number: 302905 
Uploaded By: Hawkmarty
Description: Silver B

3rd Jun 2012
 All 3 issues are the same matrix-wise.

3rd Jun 2012
 runout groove sides 1 & 2 "MELYS" - from a purple label copy without Dave Gilmour credit

my copy is in a Phonogram company sleeve

10th Jul 2011
 I own both copies of this on both silver and purple plastic moulded labels, both have Gilmour credit.

12th Aug 2010
 I once saw a poor image of this that suggested that it was issued on the later silver plastic labels but it might have been just excessive reflection washing out the purple.
Anybody ever seen a silver label?

26th May 2010
 There are 2 versions, one with a Dave Gilmour production credit and one without.

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