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Label:  Charisma
Catalogue:CB 320
Date:29 Sep 1978
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Community:2 Own
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Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 743


26th Nov 2011
 Was this Charisma's token punk signing ?

From the Punk77 website....

Pseudo-punks Razar were formed in London in 1977 by Grant Stevens (vocals), Ant Glynne (guitar/vocals), Jim Avery (bass/vocals) and Gordon Barton (drums), vocalist Stevens had previously been a member of pub/glam band the Soho Jets who had a single released on Polydor in 1975, a version of the Soho Jets, without Stevens, were still gigging in early 1978. Jim Avery had played with 60's band the Attack, before a brief spell with Thunderclap Newman, he then formed proto-punks Third World War who released two political charged albums in the early 70's.

Razar's first single was 'Ascension Day' / 'Ain't No Mystery' (Polydor, 1978), the A-side is a new version of a song from Third World War's first LP. They then switched labels for 'Idle Rich' / 'One Room Doom' (Charisma, 1978), both tracks are classic punk rock, much better than the earlier single. Razar supported 999 on a UK tour and also reportedly recorded an album which Charisma never released.

A third Razar single was planned, "Outside" / "Mainsqueezing" but never released and their album was never completed. The band's guitarist Ant Glynne had been playing in Leo Sayer's backing band before joining Razar and drummer Gordon Barton had played with late 60's psych/pop band Andwella's Dream and also with John Entwistle's Ox.

After Razar, Avery and Glynne played in the Darryl Read Band who released a rare 1977 EP "Let The Good Stones Roll" on the Clubland label. Darryl Read was an actor who had also been in Crushed Butler, a band that included Jesse Hector, later of the Hammersmith Gorillas.

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