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Artist:Vivian Stanshall
Label:  Charisma
Catalogue:CB 373
Date:19 Sep 1980
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Community:14 Own, 2 Want
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AVivian StanshallTerry Keeps His Clips OnVivian StanshallMalcolm BrownPete Moss10.0  Rate
BVivian StanshallKing CrippleVivian StanshallMalcolm BrownPete Moss9.0  Rate


Picture sleeve.


14th Apr 2016
 I read that viv wrote king kripple for his friend Ian Dury.
Has anyone else heard that?

14th Apr 2016
 Every track on the teddy boys album is a Classic.
The world must never forget viv stanshall

31st Mar 2016
 Don't forget that Richard Thompson also lends a hand on this album. This is the perfect accompaniment to "Men opening umbrellas ahead". Side by side on my record shelf.

21st Mar 2016
 @Juke Jules

What about an accordian? Is that a Redditch instrument as well? You know, a local variant of the accordion? Or is it just a local spelling? Lol:)

I have been familiar with this record for more than 30 years from having the utterly brilliant "Teddy Boys Don't Knit" album, which IMHO is Vivian's best work. Anything with Vivian Stanshall in it is worth owning, and that album also features two other musicians I like a lot, Ollie Halsall and Admiral John Halsey, both former members of the criminally underrated Timebox. Vivian obviously knew a good musician when he heard one, and that album is proof.

21st Mar 2016
 "Metal pant-leg clips, to keep your pants from getting caught in your bicycle chain"

Also, as Vivian himself says:

To stop those wasps and creepy-crafties crawling up your trousers".

This genius would have been 73 today, folks, just in case you didn't know.

Juke Jules
21st Oct 2014
 Terry is believed to have come from Redditch, and his clips were renowned around the world. His saddle design was less successful however.
Interesting to note also that the baconium is a folk instrument found only in, or just outside of Redditch

Mikey Dread
17th Oct 2014
 Excellent comedy tune.

Aboard his house boat on the River Thames

Terry keeps his clips on

Smokes a fat cigar

Always with his clips on

Isn't that bizarre...


17th Oct 2014
 Metal pant-leg clips, to keep your pants from getting caught in your bicycle chain. See the front and back cover illustrations for clues.

17th Oct 2014
 If I recall, Stanshall is well known for his narration on the great "Tubular Bells" LP by Mike Oldfield.



What are these "clips" that are being sung about?

Juke Jules
16th Oct 2014
 Worth noting the musician credits on the sleeve:
Accordian: John Kirkpatrick
Baconium, vocals: Stanshall
Guitar: Ollie Halsall
Drums: Admiral John Halsey
Bass: Roscoe Gee
Piano: Neil Innes
Reeds: Jim Cuono

2nd Jun 2011
 Ah, Vivian Stanshall! What a genius! Terry Keeps His Clips On is an obvious offshoot from Rawlinson End, while King Kripple (it's spelt like that on the LP) harks back to Vivian's Bonzo Dog days. A great single, but not worth buying because both sides are on the utterly brilliant Teddy Boys Don't Knit album.

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