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Record Details

Artist:Mott The Hoople
Label:  CBS
Catalogue:S CBS 1764
Date:31 Aug 1973
Chart Position:10
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Community:85 Own
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AMott The HoopleAll The Way From MemphisI. HunterMott The Hoople8.5  Rate
BMott The HoopleBallad Of MottI. Hunter, O. Watts, M. Ralphs, Buffin, V. AllenMott The Hoople6.3  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 490

There are also variants pressed in Holland, presumably to meet unexpectedly high UK demand.


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14th Dec 2015
 You can borrow mine, just have them back by the weekend, I've a big date.

14th Dec 2015

Have a live video. White leather platform boots, sorry, out of stock here.

15th Aug 2015
 Have added blank label mispress

15th Apr 2014
 Those recently added scans with something stamped on the labels are the Dutch import (take a closer look). That's the issue I bought in 1973, even though I bought it in the UK and I have never been to Holland. It's just what was in the shop at the time. Lol:)


Yes, you are right. The first time I heard "Saturday Gigs" in November 1974, I immediately thought of it as an update of "Ballad Of Mott".

13th Jun 2013
 Dead wax : A side only "Kip".

9th Mar 2013
 Recorded it...

8th Mar 2013
 Don't miss "The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople", tonight on BBC4 10pm!

30th May 2012
 Cleaner push out centre labels added.
The black dot on my B side scan is a hole in the label with naked vinyl underneath.
The B side is the perfect companion to Saturday Gig.


27th Apr 2012
 Label scans added from a copy with the lighter orange shade of CBS label. The piano part on the A-side is a classic example of basic but effective 70s rock piano which I found easy to pick up and play by ear on the family joanna. Sax parts played by Roxy Music's Andy Mackay.

I wish the A-side vinyl had been as well-preserved as the label.

18th Jun 2011
 When I bought this single in 1973, it was a Dutch issue. The label was the same shade of orange as the one shown here with the solid centre, but the centre of mine was the four-pronged type. When I bought the next MTH single (Roll Away The Stone) it was a UK pressing, and it had a solid centre but the label was the duller shade like the 4-pronged issue of All The Way From Memphis shown here.

Another difference I remember about the Dutch import was that it did not have that raised edge around the label. The catalogue number was identical to the UK issue. In fact, I'd had it for quite a few months before I even noticed "made in Holland" on it. I'm sorry I won't be able to scan it, because I no longer have the single in my collection. I bought the Mott album in 1974, and both sides of this single are on it (All The Way From Memphis being longer than the single version), and after that I no longer needed the single, so I traded it in for something else. That's what I often used to do; buy the singles first, on different occasions, and when I could afford the LP, I'd keep only the singles containing non-LP tracks. When both sides were on the LP, I'd sell the singles and get something else that I hadn't bought when it was first released. There was so much good stuff around at that time that I couldn't afford to buy everything, but Mott The Hoople were one of my top bands during my school days, so I always made sure I got their records ASAP.

Another thing about this record that really baffles me: why do some people refer to it as All The Way To Memphis? For one thing, it's news to me that "f.r.o.m." spells "to". For another thing, it conveys the absolute opposite meaning to the song title itself (think of two trains, one coming all the way from Memphis and the other going all the way to Memphis). I even saw a copy in a second-hand record shop with this obviously incorrect title scrawled on the cover in black felt-pen ink. And someone once asked me "who sang All The Way To Memphis, was it Mott The Hoople?". I replied, "no, Mott The Hoople never did a song with that title. In fact, I don't know of such a song".

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